wireless Internet Access Blocking Software


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wireless Internet Access Blocking Software

Starting today, you don't have to provide free internet access to everyone that wanders into your wireless zone. myWIFIzone is a fantastic new software application that blocks them - for free! myWIFIzone lets you decide who gets blocked and who doesn't with a click of the mouse. So you can give "Uncle Bill" in Apartment 301 free access, while blocking "Freddy Freeloader" who lives on the second floor. You don't need to wade through tedious router logs or set up complicated firewalls. myWIFIzone gives you real-time alerts, event logging and intruder blocking right from your PC or laptop. So what are you waiting for? Download myWIFIzone now!

sounds interesting.....anyone ever use it?
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I have not. Apparently the software filters other computers based on their MAC and/or IP address. I would venture to guess that most modern routers already have the ability to perform MAC and IP filtering - my DI-624 does.
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mac filtering is cheep to say the least....i can bypass that in under 20 seconds myself with a few simple programs, and i am by no means a hacker or anything even close. just sniff the packets of a working wireless machine, take it's mac address, and in linux, you can change the mac address of your card...simple as that! Ip filtering would require static ip addresses to be assigned which is a pain in the butt.....using your router as a dhcp server is better....I'd recommend just using wpa encryption with a 20 character random password and you should have absolutely no trouble keeping people out....i'm not even sure if a password like that has been hacked without a very complicated internal timing based attack (you're talking cia style of complicated here...) It sounds like a waste of time to me.
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Most likely it works as well as this this
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Originally Posted by swatcat
Most likely it works as well as this this
Thats funny. It says it contains 99% water, 1% secret ingredient.
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Using a combination of techniques it's fairly easy to keep out most amature hackers, no software needed. Mac filtering, change SSID from default, turn off broadcasting, turn off DHCP, change default router logon, use encryption. These are much better than leaving it set up as it was out of the box, which is the way most are left.
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use WPA or hope someone else's router in your area is sweeter.


MAC filtering is almost no deterrent. SSID is in every packet even if the "broadcast" is off.

If you are worried about your network then go WPA.

If you happen to see a bunch of "linksys" SSID's in your neighborhood then you can hope that you won't become the the free hotspot for the cheap neighbors who won't spring for their own DSL/cable. WEP, MAC filtering, and no SSID broadcast is like "the club" in this case. Someone looking for easy free access will move on to the next wide-open router (unless they are trying to flex their l33t h4x0r [elite hacker] skills).
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buy a netgear WGR 614 router

That will keep everyone (including you) from using your network.
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