Java errors, confusions...


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Java errors, confusions...

Hello all, Every once in a while I'll go to a Web page and my browser will freeze up (usually FF, I believe IE too) and a message will pop up from the lower right: Java TM 2 Platform (or some such)

I go to the Java site and I can't make heads nor tails of it, can't find a clarification or a link to download the latest version or fix (which I'm usually automatically notified)

Is the problem on my end or was the site erroneously coded? More importantly, why am I being prompted to go to when there's nothing there that apparently concerns me?

PS a mini tutorial (written for the marginally interested) on what Java itself means to me would be appreciated if one finds the time.
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Java is a computer language that is most popularly used to write internet applets. These applets (applet is derived from the word application) are widely used for internet applications, for example, most chat software is written in Java. A PC must have Java support libraries, etc, installed before it can run Java applets.

Generally a Java error could mean that you need to update or reinstall your Java components on your pc. However, not all Java errors are actual Java problems. For example, some Java chat applets will have problems due to security software which is not a Java problem. Still other times, a chat applet at a particular website will download a few of it's own Java support files, which can conflict with those Java files already installed on a pc. Well known web sites and chat sites generally do not experience these lame Java problems.
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Speaking of Java, does anyone else have a heck of a time getting the plugin to work with Firefox in a Linux Distro? I dread upgrading the Java plugin (currently on 1.4 although I think 1.5 is out now) because its a PITA.

The automatic installation has never worked for me (not under WinXP either), so I always end up doing the manual symlink from the Java directory (/jre1.xxxx/bin) to the mozilla plugin directory (/usr/lib/mozilla/plugin) -- am I the only one with this problem?

All I know is that its alot of effort just to get a return on Suns' "Verify your installation" applet.

PS -- There is a difference between a Java application and a Java applet. The applet runs only in a Webbrowser but an Application is just like a regular program that can run from a command line. I'm not sure why this is an important distinction but I had a programmer friend 'educate me' for making that mistake once, fwiw.
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