DSL speed


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DSL speed

I have a question about my DSl service. I am currently subscribed to a 1.5mps service. What I need to know is how fast downloads should be.On what seems to be a good day my speed can go as fast as 150kbs. Is this a good speed for a 1.5mps service?
On a bad day it runs at 49kbs or slower.
Thanks for any help in advance
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I don't have DSL (I have Cable) but, I do know that the speed you d/l is directly affected by the connection to the server your d/ling from. You may have a 150 kbs d/l speed from one website but, go to a different site and have a d/l speed of 45 kbs. Even though you have a 1.5 mb connection it depends on connection on the other side. If you try to d/l something and there is more than one site to d/l it from, try the others and see which gives the best speed.

150 kbs is a good transfer rate and 49 kbs is alot better than dial-up.
On second thought, anything is better than dial-up.

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1.5Mb/s will max download at 187.5 KB/s...So you are at about 80% of the advertised speed on your download during the "good days"

A good site to test your download and even your upload speed is http://www.testmy.net/

Bookmark it and keep it for your reference.

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