Print Size very small when using Firefox


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Print Size very small when using Firefox

I like using the Firefox Browser for surfing the web except for the very small print when printing. Print size is normal when I use IE (about a 12). With Firefox, you almost need a magnifying glass to read it. I have already tried the Tools, Internet options, Fonts, with no luck. Would appreciate any and all tips. Thx!

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In IE, increasing the size of a Web page on the screen also increases the size of the page's text when you print it out great for those with failing vision. Firefox, however, prints every page at the same magnification, no matter how large you make the type on your screen. To adjust the text size on the printout, you'll need to use the File, Page Setup dialog box. Or you can click File, Print Preview, and use the Scale widget to adjust the printed text size in real time until you're happy.
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Smile Small print size w/firefox


Thanks for the tip. You made my day. Doing the file, print preview, and scale % did the trick. I want you to know that I put the above question on many computer forums and you're the first one to give me a tip that worked. Thanks again!


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