Backup with XP


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Bill W.
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Backup with XP

Iím running Windows XP2000 on my Compaq Presario. When I attempt to run disk cleanup the program begins but never seems to make any progress. After 30-40 minutes and no apparent progress I cancel it. Any ideas about that? Do I need to just let it run indefinetly? Task manager shows it running but that is all.

On another front, Norton Antivirus identifies a few adware threats on the computer, some of which Iíve been able to delete manually by turning them off with task manager and then deleting them. Compaq does have a hard drive recovery partition containing the operating system and original application software (system recovery). It has been suggested to me that I back up my programs and data files and then use the system recovery feature to rid the computer of adware, viruses and badly fragmented files but this seems drastic to me. If I do need to do this, what is the best means to backup my programs and data. Windows XP2000 doesnít seem to have a preset option for doing this. Do you have any fool proof suggestions for backing up my stuff and then reloading it to avoid any drama? Thanks for the help!
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Are you running Win XP, or Win 2000? They are two seperate operating systems.

Either way, it shouldn't matter. Don't count on Norton Antivirus to catch all of your adware threats. You need dedicated adware cleaning software to clean up your system. Fortunately, some of the best ones are free. I run both SpyBot Search and Destroy ( and Lavasoft Adaware ( at least once a week. On my business computer, I run Spywareblaster ( in addition to the two above-mentioned programs.

Spybot and Adaware remove stuff that is already on your computer - Spywareblaster is meant to prevent the stuff from getting on your computer in the first place.

You should download, update, and run at least the first two programs before you attempt to do anything else.
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are you running disk cleanup or disk defragmenter?
are you running them from safe mode?... you should

absolutely run either one or both of the above mentioned programs.

turn your antivirus off when defragging.
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Bill W.
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Thank you both for the advice. By the way I do have Windows XP Home Edition and not 2000. I downloaded and ran SpyBot and deleted 150 threats. Thanks again. I have been attempting to run Disk Cleanup without results. I have been running it from the normal desk top. I have some idea what safe mode is but I don't know how to switch to it. Don't I hit a function key while the computer is booting up? Compaq flashes a screen during bootup saying to press F10 for system restore, but I don't think that's what I need.
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Ordinarily, you press F8 during boot to get the option to boot in Safe Mode.
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Still unable to get the Windows Disk Cleanup Utility to work. It starts but then does nothing. After 5-6 minutes I hit ctrl-alt-del to bring up Task Manager which indicates it is running, but this is soon followed by a "program not responding" message. I still have not been able to invoke "Safe Mode" (F8 during bootup has no effect) but I do close all applications before starting Disk Cleanup. Thanks for any ideas you may be able to share.

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sound like you missing some comand files to get it to work you might want to try something like and see if it works for you
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Try downloading this[free trial +full function not crippled]

Run the disk clean up and see what happens. I just used the h__ll out of it this weekend and everything is working fine. Great registry cleaner too. No negative reviews of this software that I have seen.
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