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Post HDD Clicking


I am hearing some clicking noise on my 20Gb HDD, so I started saving my important stuff to my USB external HDD. I tried to create a .gho image file and save it to my USB external HDD, but it failed. It gave me a log file, but I don't understan what it is saying. Any suggestions?? Should I just try making a Ghost file again???


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Buy a new hard drive and start over. If you ghost now you will ghost your existing setup, which is NOT what you want to do. Over time every Windows installation becomes corrupted. Depending on how much you use your computer, you want to start over every year or so anyway.
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I agree with RACRAFT that it is best to start with a fresh drive, and install everything over from scratch. You will be amazed how much faster/smoother your system will run.

However, I also realize that for some people, that is a HUGE ordeal. If you would like to replace this failing drive, and afterwards have your machine EXACTLY like it is now (minus the clicking, obviously), I suggest you go out and buy a Western Digital hard drive. It comes with a software package called "Data Lifeguard Tools". This software will copy the old drive directly to a new drive, automatically resizing partitions to give more space (since the new drive will be much larger than 20Gb). If the software doesn't come with the drive, you can download it from www.wdc.com. This software only works when at least one drive in the system is a Western Digital.

Obviously, there is the chance your old drive does not live long enough to do this copy. If there's still any critical stuff you need, get it copied off NOW!

Good luck!
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I agree with Racraft. Reinstall everything fresh, if you can. But, if you don't want to, or can't for some reason,then I agree with Chirkware, as well. That is the easiest way to copy a drive over to a new one. Just remember, whatever is on the old drive when you do the copy will be on the new one...good and bad.

Only thing to add is Maxtor drives have a similar program, so you have a choice, if you so desire.
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Wink Click of Death

By the time the drive starts clicking many times bad spots have already developed on the drive. If you clone the drive with something like drive image etc many times it will also clone the bad sectors as well sice these are a bit for bit copy.

As has been said backup your important data and get a new drive. You will save yourself a great deal of problems. The click of death means your drive is on its last legs so act quickly.

Good Luck
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