Basic Question RE: Junk/Spam


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Basic Question RE: Junk/Spam

I'm not new to the internet, yet I've never bothered to question some common occurances such as when I check my junk mail folder in Outlook and see all of these emails with pure nonesense titles that I never open and never would ... what is the point of them? Who opens email with such BS, jibberish titles?

There must be something to them, some appeal, something, else they'd die a natural death instead of coming in such a continuous stream.

I'm not even going to ask if there's a danger in opening them because clearly the intent is to sell, deceive, waste time, or pester, all danger enough for me to delete without delay.
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You can say the same of pop-ups and banners and all sorts of web annoyances that have been around since the beginning.
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There are some gullible people out there.

Use Thunderbird as your mail client to reduce the spam.

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