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What is the diff between a flash card and a flash drive?
I want the tube shaped portable flash drive that has one gb capacity, can hot plug + play, upload, download + is rewriteable.
What term do I look for in order to buy?
I was given one that said software had to be installed before using(Memorex)-Don't want that if not necessary.
Thank you
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My opinion as a computer novice is that a flash card is one you insert in a device like a camera and a flash drive is one that is normally usb and can be inserted an any usb port and is recognized by some ver of windows without any additional software.

The only reason I am poking my nose in here is to relate my experience of buying a bargain MP3 player in a boxing day shopping frenzy to find you needed to use it's proprietary software to upload to it.

My recomendation as a novice would be to purchase a USB player that can store different kinds of files and play music.
I wound up returning the propretary player and replaced it with a $40.00/ 256 meg MP3 music player and it is one of the handiest gadgets I have.
I can load it with music, JPEG's or word documents and then transfer any of this info to my at work computer.
We are not allowed to load music files to the networked computer but can play them directly from the player.
I'm hoping this one breaks as soon as the warranty is over so I can get a BIGGER one or maybe convince my wife she needs it.
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Yes, a card fits into a device like a camera or MP3 player, and would fit into a reader to read/write from the PC.

Most cameras,MP3 players, and flash drives support what is called "Mass Storage Class", which means with a stock XP PC, you can read/write from it with no addional software drivers or apps.

A "drive" is an all-in-one unit you just plug into USB and read/write to.

I'd get a name brand flash or thumb drive from a company that makes popular flash cards and drives.

When shopping for an MP3 player, I'd look for one that can be expanded with current memory cards, if not outright get an based HDD one.
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Thank you both for your help.

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