DVD Writer Questions


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DVD Writer Questions

I just installed a DVD Writer & the accompanying software. Had a little trouble with the SLAVE/MASTER thing -- I have an existing CD-ROM burner hooked up to a cable marked MASTER so I ended up putting the jumper on the DVD to CABLE SELECT & plugging in the connector marked SLAVE. The hardware was recognised by Windows XP Home but when I launched Nero Express. I got a warning message stating that 'DMA was not enabled ... would you like to enable it now?' I OK'd this, rebooted & tried again. No dice. Each time I launch Nero Express I get the same warning.

Went to Device Manager ... the CD & the DVD both have 'DMA if available' selected & 'Current Transfer Mode' shows 'Ultra DMA'. Being a relative newbie to DVD's, I tried burning a DATA DVD in spite of the warning message--went OK.

1) Is the order of the devices important? Should the DVD be in the MASTER position? (I suppose I could remove the CD burner altogether if that would help)

2) I'm not clear on what the Primary and Secondary IDE channels are all about. I'm guessing that the Primary handles my hard drive & the Secondary handles the CD/DVD?

3) Nero Express doesn't seem to offer anything in the way of menus for my video DVD compositions. Should I be looking for an 'authoring' program?

Windows XP Home
emachines 2.6 Ghz
512 mb
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If your DVD is the faster (I'm guessing it is), it should be the Master, and the CD the slave. I would also take the jumper off of cable select, and set it to Master, and set the CD to Slave.

That might not necessarily be the cause of your problem, though.
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check the support site

Just to be safe check Neros web site for updates or search on your problem. Sometimes they have to release software updates to support new DVD or CDRW drives. And there could be a wierd quirk, search Nero support and forums to see if you can find the same problem. Chances are it has happened to someone else.

It has been a while since I really did anything with ide cables, I usually just run one device per cable whenever I can.

The master and slave setting is meant for having two devices on the same IDE cable. It essentially is telling the computer which device is considered the primary drive on the cable.

THe cable select option I believe actually uses the two connectors on the ide cable itself as to which is primary and which is secondary. One end of the ide cable plugs into your motherboard, the first ide connector that goes to a drive is (I think) considered the primary connector and the 2nd or last ide connector (the one at the other end of the cable) on the cable is considered the secondary. Master and slave would bypass those settings.

Cables make a difference too, some of the older ide cables do not support some of the newer functions of drives.

If you really start to get frustrated you have to start from sqaure one. Plug just the DVD burner to the IDE cable and see if you get that error message when starting Nero.
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It depends what version of the suite included with your drive. I got Suite 3, and it came with Nero Vision Express.

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