smoking motherboard


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smoking motherboard

My aunt's emachine desktop's (amd athlonXP 2400) motherboard shorted out inside and needless to say, is toast. My question is, since its an emachine and some things inside are no doubt proprietary, do you think I can pick up an aftermarket board to replace it? All other componets will be left as is--just wondering if the OS that came with it will work with a new board and its different chipset. Driver issues? Incompatability??
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You can replace the board with a 3rd party board, Your Emachine recovery CD will NOT work after the board swap however.
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i have done this before, i placed a different mobo in using all the drives that were installed in the original hard disk, and other than a few minor qliches( which required some driver downloads), the system works great. just make sure that the new mobo can support the processor that you put in it.
but as davejb stated you may not be able to use the recovery disk.
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That's what I was afraid of. Without that disc, since it has the OS on it, I'd have to get an OEM copy of WinXP to be sure. On the upside, she'll always have a clean copy of the OS; that should get her buy for a few more years.
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A few things

Just a few things to look at as well. I am going to assume the emachine had a built in video and sound card on the motherboard. This could pose a problem as the back of the machine may not be able to support the number of new boards you will need. Also, the case form of the emachine may not match anything you can buy (I have noticed many machines are a one of a kind fit so no one else can do what you want to do).

This would be my suggestion. Get a new case (you may be able to use your current power supply, check the connections) and a MB to fit. Some MBs have the built in sound (if you want to upgrade the processor, you can get a MB/processor combo, otherwise get a board that fits your processor (may be a socket 754, but you will have to check), but get your own video. Take all the drives, memory (if it fits) from the old machine, install them in the new case.

Regarding your operating system, try to turn it on, it may or may not boot correctly. If not, reinstall the operating system over the old one (if you have a Windows disk that came with the system, this has a good chance of working, if it is only a recovery disk, good luck). Worst case, try an upgrade, it will detect the old version on the disk that won't boot properly and will still allow you to install.

Note that these are things that have worked for me and I provide no guarantee that it will work for anyone else (does that constitute a legal disclaimer?). Bottom line is, if you do this (provided you get a good motherboard), whatever you build will far exceed the systems you can buy for the same price.
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just go on ebay and buy the exact replacement for it.

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Thanks for the reply. Contacted emachines and said they can no longer get that motherboard and a 3rd party mobo would cause software conflicts. By the time I'd buy a new mobo, have it shipped and a winXP disc, she could have a brand new box (seen in Sunday paper ads) for $144 after rebates! That's probably what she'll do.

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