Pc's mac addresses


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Pc's mac addresses

In short, i have to keep cloning one of my Pc's mac addresses.

Question is why??

First i have comcast.
Second: i have a linksys cable modem.
Third: I have a linksys WRT54G using both wireless and rj45 connections.

Wireless unit is about 3 months old, up until 2 or 3 days ago
everything was fine.

Than it started, could not connect, "FINDING SITE" is all that was
displayed, well a little quick troubleshooting told me that the
wireless router was to blame. After trying ALMOST everything under the
sun, linksys said try cloning one PC's mac address, and that worked.

For about 1 day. The problem has happend again twice, both times
cloning the mac address works.

I have 2 Pc's and a wireless laptop, besides that, nothing has
changed.Nothing that should matter anyways. One thing that has changed
and i will change after this writing is that for added security,
besides data encryption for the laptop, i added each pc's mac address
into the routers configuration and told it to limit connections to only
those Mac addresses.

Maybe i am stupid, but this should not cause the problem im having.I
had it configured this way for 2 weeks before the problems started.Now
every day i have to clone that mac address.

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Ordinarily, failure to find a site is an error in the resolution in DNS. Typically, cloning an address is having the router appear to be one of the computers when the computer was used to set up the cable modem and the router is inserted in place of the computer. If cloning is only now needed, I would check to see that the settings on the cable modem are correct and that there are two DNS servers available. Depending upon the service provided through the cable modem, the router should not need a cloned address. Rather than filter by MAC address, PSK without a server would be more secure for the wireless.

Hope this helps.
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both DNS entries are active. If i direct connect to the cable modem and refresh the ip, Boom, surfing at light speed again. I also noticed something else funny, when the problem starts, if i do a ping to the wireless router itself, it times out.Which tells me the damn thing is bad, too bad linksys wont accept that. But i must say, after removing the little security via mac addresses, it has ran for one sold day without issue.

If this does turn out to be the problem, ill just disable SSid broadcast.

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