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Last night I was installing a new anti-virus program I bought called PC-Cillin. After installing it the program automatically restarted my computer (HP 520) and now all the computer will do is load everything up and then I get a blue screen with some writing on it but it only stays there for about 1 sec. so I can't read it and then it shuts down and restarts over and over. It just keeps doing this. My guess is a firewall problem as in the anti-virus has it's own firewall (my last one did something kinda like this) but the computer does not give me a chance to do anything so I am at a loss, does anyone have any insight into this??
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Restart in safe mode.

You can also turn off the automatic restart when the blue screen appears so that you can read the message.
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I don't know how to restart in safe mode...not that skilled with computers
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try holding down the ctrl key while re-starting
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When the computer starts to boot up start hitting the F8 key, about 1 time a second until you get to the menu with different option. Choose Safe Mode. Once the computer is fully booted in safe mode, goto the Start menu then control panel, then add/remove programs. Uninstall the anti virus software and restart your computer. If the anti virus software is what was causing the problem, then it should start up like normal. If it still boots to the blue screen then there is another issue.
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Try to hit 'F10' when starting the machine

In the past, for some reason my HP machine didn't work properly, even I tried many times to correct
it. Then, in my desperation, I hit 'F10' really hard. Afterwards, the machine started, but there was
in NO original state. Some of stuff, during the course of crash(?) or some other reason about which I still can not understand, ... but anyway the machine came back to life with most of my 'saved' folders/files along with programs.

I lost 'Norton SystemsWorks 2006' along with some 'expensive programs' which I installed before "F10.' For this, I attempted to 're-install,' but Norton refused to comply, ... then there is 'substitute Anti-Virus' I found through the board. Hopefully, it works as good as Norton.
You need to be cautious before 'F10' try, because there are NO 'mercy' for this catastrophy.

Then, in my suggestion, ... try to hit 'F10' when the machine started.
But, this was in my case. Like I said above, you need REALLY be careful of 'F10.'
Also, as someone suggesting, ... probably 'F8' might take care.

There are three, all HP machines in my household and they NEVER gave us any 'headahces,'
except one occassion about which I mentioned the above.

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One thing you can try BEFORE removing the AV software is to see if you can look in the quarantine section of the software.

What may have happen is that the software changed one of the operating system files or a file from another program that is loading at boot. You may need to restore any files the AV program removed before you remove the anti-virus software it's self.

Another thing to try if given the option is "Last Known Good". This option will be in the same menu as Safe Mode however you might have found it from the above suggestions.

One last thing, what OS are you running? This could also help us out.

Good luck!

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