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To computer engineers

I work for a big company. We have the ability to suggest new ideas online thru a suggestion box (thru our company server).
We just have to create a username and password.
My question is? how anonymous is it? we don't want our manager to know who wrote new ideas or comments.

Do you think the company IT people can find out who wrote some comments in that box? can it be trace to a specific computer? IP address?

How private is it?
When we write a new comment,we need to create a username,password and enter an email address.(we are all using fake email thru yahoo and hotmail)

I have the feeling that the company knows where these comments are coming from.
Is there a way,we can avoid to be traced when we write comments?

Hope you help or direct me to the right forum

Thank you
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If they wanted to, the company could definately find out which IP address was used to create a certain username and from there they could find out what computer was used. I'm not saying they definately are, but it is possible. If you can access this "suggestion box" from the internet (a computer outside of the office building) you could just use a public computer at a library or internet cafe. If you can only access it from a computer on the company network and you really want to make sure your suggestions are anonymous, the easiest way would be to have everyone use the same pc at the office to create usernames and submit suggestions. That way, all the usernames and suggestions would be originating from the same pc / ip address. Any other ways to hide where the suggestion came from are probably against company computer policies. Also to remain truly anonymous, never actually use those email addresses used to create the usernames. It is sometimes possible to trace a received email to an ip address and figure out who it came from, even if it was sent from home.

Here is a good site if you ever need to receive an email that is not private and you do not want to give away your email address. It creates a temporary mail box to receive email messages, but it cannot be used to send email.

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Yup-As Ironhead said, there is always a way to find out who did something on a computer but he's given some good suggestions. a forum nut myself While it lasts...thanks for the link, that looks like a great site. (Note my used to contain useful stuff )
I'll give it a try.

GL jm!

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if it's accessable from the internet, you could use an anonymous proxy. If it's only available on your local intranet/extranet, then they can probably find out which computer was used, if they wanted to.
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If the suggestion facility accepts email it would have the originating (reply) email address even if it does not report it to the person tasked with reading your anonymous suggestions. If it uses a programmed form for you to fill in on the screen, it can easily capture the network userid and domain name used to log the machine into the system.

Can't you just ask if it's really anonymous? What in the world are you suggesting? If your boss is inept, or there is some problem with working conditions or sexual harassment, an anonymous suggestion box is probably not the place to say so. Do you know who reads your suggestions?

To be sure, someone in IT can probably tie the suggestions to a source machine. This would wipe out any promise of anonymity, but under extreme circumstances, such as finding a bomb threat, the company would surely argue that safety trumps privacy. They would want to be able to discover the source of such a thing, and the possibility should not be lost on them in designing the suggestion box program.

The best thing is to simply play it straight. If you think of something consistent with the company's stated purpose for the suggestion box then submit it if you feel strongly enough to do so. Keep everything else to yourself. Don't write something you would not be willing to say face to face. Never make threatening, harassing or derogatory remarks in writing using any company resource or facility. Silly or spurious suggestions may motivate IT and management, if this sort of thing seems like a problem, to want to find and discipline individuals who show such a disregard for the company. (you)

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As I mentioned in my PM magic. I didn't mean to offend...poor choice of wording it seems. I'm sorry!

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