Password question

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Password question

What can you password protect in windows xp. Can I password protect folders and files, etc.. I would like to be able to place all information that I should only read or view in a folder all to itself and password protect the folder. Thanks for your help.
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If you are looking for security, place everything you want protected on a flash drive and carry it with you.

While WIndows XP securuty is better than earlier versions, it is not foolproof and you should consider nothing on the computer as safe, even with passwords and/or encryption.
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Simply store the files and folders in a compressed folder and use that folder's built-in password protection option.
To compress a folder, right-click the desktop or inside any folder, and choose New, Compressed (zipped) Folder.This adds a new folder in that location with the default name 'New Compressed Folder'. Type a name for the folder and press Enter. Double-click the folder to open it.
Now open Windows Explorer or any folder window and select the folders and/or files you want to password-protect. Use the right mouse button to drag the items into the new compressed folder. When you release the mouse button, choose Move Here. (If you left-drag, only copies will be added to the compressed folders, leaving the originals unprotected.)
If necessary, click the title bar of the compressed-folder window to activate it. Choose File, Add a password. Type your desired password in the 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' boxes, and then click OK. From now on, only users who know the password will be able to open, extract, copy, or move the files and subfolders to another folder; Windows will prompt you for your password before permitting any of these operations. If you send the folder to people who don't have Windows XP or Me, they can uncompress the folder using a program such as WinZip, but they'll still need to know the password before they can access the contents.
Remember:A password-protected folder's file names are visible even though the files themselves are inaccessible without the password. To hide them, compress a folder inside another compressed folder and password-protect the topmost folder. Other users can open the top compressed folder, but not the subfolder holding the files.

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