OE 6 "Combine and Decode" not working

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OE 6 "Combine and Decode" not working

I use Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 and on Outlook Express 6, the "Combine and Decode" function doesn't appear to be working.

Whenever I try to take 2 or more e-mail letters and try to combine them into one, the Combine and Decode window will pop up showing the order that the letters will be when I combine them, but when I click OK to combine them, it only shows the letter that was highlighted in the Combine and Decode window.

If anyone knows how I can resolve this, I would appreciate any asssisstance. Thank you.
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Combine and Decode creates a single email or text file out of two or more email messages, which you can save/print as one document. To use it open the message folder where the emails are stored then holding down the Ctrl key highlight the ones you want to save/print. Next go to the Message menu and select Combine and Decode. A message box opens and you can change the order of the messages. When you are happy with it click OK and a single email window opens showing the first message. Go to the File menu, select Save As and save it either as a text file (*.txt) or email message file (*.eml) in the location of your choice. If you save it as a text file you can open, edit and print it in Word; if you’ve saved it as an email file just click on it and it will open and you can print it out.

If all the messages use Uuencode, then it should work OK.
If the messages use a mix of MIME/Base64 and Uuencode, then it won't work.
And if the messages all use MIME/Base64, then it probably won't work.
Uuencode has a simple format with no overall message organization. The attachments are just stuck in the middle of the message text.
With MIME there is a rigid message format. This includes header lines that delimit
attachments from text. And it includes a unique end of message line (boundary) that
matches the header. So when OE encounters the end of message line for the first
message, that tells it there is nothing of value after that.

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