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Dear all,

Lately I have been having problems which appear to be related to overheating. Currently here in Malta (island located near Sicily) it is summer with temperatures reaching 38 degrees, it follows that the room temperature where I have the PC installed varies between 32-34 degrees. Recently my PC, P4 - 2.4 GHZ with an overclocked GeForce 4 MX4000 started to suddenly reboot after 20-30 mins of activity (depending on activity..sometimes even when almost idle). Upon reboot the recorded temperatures are 50-54 degree for the processor zone, and 48-50 for the motherboard zone (yet i don't have a temp recorder for the video card). The 50-60 degree range still appears acceptable to me, however may I add that in most of the cases when it reboots the Monitor frequency defaults back from 75Hz to 60HZ! Does this gives a hint of overheating coming from the video card?

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I would say all the evidence available points to overheating. I would say that overclocking in a room that warm is generally not a good idea unless it's watercooled.

If you haven't cleaned out the case recently, blast all the dust out with a can of compressed air (paying special attention to the CPU and video card heatsinks). That could help with the reboots. In my opinion though, in an environment that warm, you need better cooling, or lower clock speeds, or both.
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Overclocking is NEVER a good idea.
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That's debatable, of course. I've been doing it for many years now, and I've not blown up a part yet.
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That's Hot

Maybe it's because I'm in Canada but here if the ambient room temperature rises above 37 degrees Celcius can start to have heat related problems. Our server room has redundant air conditioning systems independent of the building system. Your systems cooling capacity is highly dependent (exponentially, I think) on the total temperature difference.
The default back to 60 Hz could be caused by your video CPU overheating since 60 Hz is the Safe default.

You might want to check out a site like
http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/ for lots of cooling ideas or google on overclocking cooling systems. Think Water
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Are all the internal fans running if not this will cause the unit to overheat very fast. if they are running are they dirty? try cleaning them and the grills on the caseing if these are blocked air can't get through.My moms friend said here computer fan did not work so she could only stay on forn a few minutes turned out her fan just needed cleaning and it solved the problem.
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also, make sure all the fans are working. like others said, dust and dirt (pets make it 10x worse) will tend to kepp it hotter. basically, if it's too hot for you to be comfortable, then it's too hot for the PC.

if the PC is clean and there's not option for A/C where you live, I would look into a new case that has better airflow.

edit: if the case is loaded up with dust/pet air, there are filters you can buy to go over the intake fans to keep that out. another thing...tobacco smoke will leave tar all over the inside and cause the dust and other dirst to stick to everything.

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