Deleting stubborn folder/files


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Deleting stubborn folder/files

I thought I knew enough about computers, but now I'm frustrated. There's a useless folder that's just taking up space on my hd, and I want it gone, but XP won't let me delete it. If I just try to delete the folder it says, "Cannot delete "folder", please make sure you specified the correct path and file name" and if I try to delete any specific files, it says "Cannot delete file, cannot read from the source file or disc" It wont let me move, rename, anything. It's like there's this folder there that's not really there, but it takes up space. If anyone knows what to do I would be most appreciative.
Thanks much
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I tend to have file/folders that cannot be deleted due to "program in use, cannot delete" or "dllshell file, access denied" or something similar.

I restart the computer in safe mode then delete the little buggers. It generally doesn't give me trouble then.
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What's the name of the folder?
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Take Caution

I would be careful and I would second the suggestion that you post the file/ folder names. Sometimes files and folders are difficult to delete for a reason

As for deleting you may have to resort to booting to the command prompt, using the attrib command to remove any protective attributes and then deleting the files.
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more information

Ok, first off, the file name is like, Edonkey2000 I think. It's a file-sharing program that I wasn't too happy with; it didn't like to run smoothly, so I deleted it. I thought I got all the components, but there is this one stubborn folder. It's got like one subfolder with some random crap in it. Secondly, I appreciate the suggestion about safe mode, but sadly, I already tried that, to no avail. It still says the same messages. Not that it's in use, just that the comp can't read from the source file or disk. Lastly, I would really like to be able to go into the command prompt, but my computer refuses to allow this. If I try, I receive the message, "C:\WINDOWS\System32\
C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose "Close" to terminate the application."
I realize this is quite abnormal, but really don't know how to remedy it, and neither do a couple of my friends lol. So in short, not a really important folder, near as I can tell, but safe mode won't work, and I can't access the command promt. SIGH
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I have a couple of suggestions. Go to start then run and type msconfig. When it runs look at the startup tab and see if edonkey is on the list of programs starting at boot. If so you did not uninstall it properly and the bootup service is running. If it is in the list you will not be able to delete anything related to that program because it is in use.

If not there go to control panel and look at the services that are running. See if edonkey is in there and listed as started. If so highligkt and right click and change startuo from boot to never start.

If neither one of these shows edonkey running run a scan of your hard drive to make sure you don't have corrupt FAT table.

I know this is general but I don't have XP in front of me so I am going from my bad memory. These tips should get you in the neighborhood. I only run Linux here so am a bit rusty.
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Description: eDonkey2000.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files" or sometimes in a subfolder of C:\. Known file sizes on Windows XP are 2505886 bytes (25% of all occurrence), 2009248 bytes, 2206731 bytes, 2009672 bytes, 2205098 bytes, 2207023 bytes, 2207456 bytes, 2379838 bytes, 2503542 bytes, 2493910 bytes.
The program has a visible window. There is no file information. File eDonkey2000.exe is not a Windows core file. The application listens for or sends data on open ports to LAN or Internet. eDonkey2000.exe is able to record inputs, monitor applications. Therefore the technical security rating is 38% dangerous, however also read the users reviews.

If eDonkey2000.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Documents and Settings" then the security rating is 84% dangerous. File size is 2505966 bytes (50% of all occurrence), 2206731 bytes. There is no information about the maker of the file. The process uses ports to connect to LAN or Internet. It is not a Windows core file. eDonkey2000.exe is able to record inputs, monitor applications.

Important: Some malware camouflage themselves as eDonkey2000.exe, particularly if they are located in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder. Thus check the eDonkey2000.exe process on your pc whether it is pest.

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