Hyperthreading vs. dual core


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Hyperthreading vs. dual core

I have 2 new CPU's that I am going to use in my 2 computers. I want to choose the beefiest processor for my main computer. Here's my new CPU's:

1. P4 3.0GHz with Hyperthreading
2. P4 2.8GHz Dual Core

Do the benefits of dual core outweigh the ~7% speed loss and make #2 the better choice?

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From all that I've read Hyperthreading is an really IFFY plus. When it works your return is still nothing to be excited about. Dual Core, OTOH, is exciting. The performance numbers are there and repeatable. For more exact apples to oranges comparrisons you might search Eweek.com, Infoworld.com, PCMAG.com and NWFusion.com.

At work I went dual core half a year ago and never looked back. I can now capture a DV video shot at a job site at the highest quality setting ( DVD ) without losing any frames. And use email, half a dozen other apps during this time. Never lost a frame. This is in comparison to my prior system: Athlon 3500, 2 gigs ram, good video card, stripped HD's... that system could only use the next to highest capture quality setting and I could not touch the system while the capture occured. ( new system a X2 4400, 4 gigs RAM, stripped C drive, 7800GTX video I think )

If you are planning on spending now you might do a little research: the articles I've read indicate the new Intel dual cores ( Conroe? ) are JUST about to hit the streets.. they allegedly will kick the X2's butts. And will not, for the first time in history, be priced really high when they roll out. Intel apparently want's all of the market share it lost over the past few years back.

I have pretty much only used AMD for ... perhaps 12 years now. But I am holding off on any new systems until the Intel's are out. Performance like that just demands attention!
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I too have always preferred AMD over Intel, hence the reason I never had a Dell. There's a huge difference when comparing hyperthreading to dual core. I got a dual core X2 4800 with 2 gig of ram and a 7800GTX video card. Its an extremely nice ride and it blows any benchmark against Intel out there currently.

Historically Intel has always been the faster processor by looking at the numbers. But AMD's processors currently use the K8 architecture, a different approach to getting more performance. You'll have to read a lot of technical briefs to understand what exactly makes the K8 scale so well with clock speed.

However, Intel's net burst architecture doesn't scale as well in clock speed. This is due to how the processors are designed. This is probably due to its deep pipelines which are capable of holding a large amount of instructions. So it'll have to push harder to reduce latency.

Currently the K8 architecture is the best in performance. But Intel is revamping its entire architecture, the next processor, Conroe (do out July 23rd I believe), will scale much better with clock speeds. Take some time and watch the numbers and pay close attention to benchmarks because this is going to be fun
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There are Two Intel Duo Cores

There are two Intel Duo Cores series the 800 and the 900. The Intel Pentuim D 920 is 2.8 Ghz uses 65 nm technology and has 2 X 2 Mb level 2 cache. The Intel Pentium D 820 uses 90 nm technology and has 2 X 1 Mb level 2 cache. Either processor would be more powerful than a single processor that is slightly faster single core. Plus the 2.8 Pentium 4 with HT, the 520, 520J, and 521 only have 1Mb Level 2 cache.

The Conroe is the Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 965 with HT, duo core at 3.73 Mhz, 65 nm Tech, 2 X 2 Mb Level 2 Cache, 1033 Mhz FSB but you pay through the nose for it.

Between the two processors you mentioned I say go for the Duo, the 820 would be more powerful and faster than the 52x

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