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Can I connect a VCR directly to my computer via the RCA plugs on the computer and record to DVD. I have DVD-R in my computer.
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First things first. I am not familiar with computers having RCA jacks on them. Usually the inputs are another type, and there is an adapter that converts the RCA type inputs to what is needed for the computer. This is usually done to save space, as sound cards do not have real estate on the connector card edge for RCA jacks, and the other necessary inputs and outputs.

If you do have inputs, then you need software that will allow for capturing of video input.
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Yes, if you have a tuner/capture card, or your video card is a ViVo type.
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It's not easy. You might consider getting one of those decks that will do it automatically--and this is coming from a computer consultant with 15 years experience and a stack of home movies that I haven't converted yet for my mom.
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I do have NERO program and a DVD-R. Nero came with the DVD-R. I got bit on the cd/DVD-R unit, Salesman told me I could copy commercial DVD's with the unit using Nero. Learned tht was not so without buying a seperate program that overcomes the re-recording codes.
I have converter cables. Guess I need to determine what Nero does to see if it will record from input jacks.
I have no actual video card or a tuner capture card.
Thanks for suggestions.
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A little confusing, sky; you have RCA plugs, but no capture or video card? Normally that's where you would find the rca plugs (my capture card has both rca and regular cable connectors). I don't think it's possible to capture/burn direct to dvd without saving to your hard drive first and processing; the time involved in the process would be prohibitive. I think you may find that the Nero included with the drive will be somewhat limited. The full retail version is quite good; it's what I use.
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Ive switched a VHS before to a DVD, but i didnt do it on a computer my suggestion to you is to go out and buy a special dvd/vhs player with this option and make your life a little easier.
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I have done it many times. If you do not have a capture/tuner card (or even if you do), you can convert analog video to digital video using one of many available devices. I use something called DVDExpress and it works well. I save the video (as one large file) to the hard drive and then break it up into chapters with the software that comes with it prior to burning it to DVD.

Things to note, You will NOT get Dolby 5.1 sound. To the best of my knowledge, consumer level DVD burners will not do 5.1 and the DVD video/audio quality will be no better than your source.

The process is painfully slow, however. It is a real time record (can't fast forward through the tape), then add editing time (to make chapters as a minimum) and the conversion/burn process can be very slow as well (the total process can take nearly twice the tape length)
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You almost certainly will have an audio input jack that looks like a headphone jack. What you probably dont have is the video input. If you have the required hardware you will now need software like Adobe Premier to capture the video, mix in the audio, write out an mpeg, then you should be able to burn that to CD using Nero.

You may want to start with a look on vcdhelp.com to get more detailed write-ups and how-tos on this. It really is a pain in the butt, requires a huge amount of disk space, and lots of user intervention. I would just get a DVD burner and hook it up to my VHS player instead.
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Like DavePearson said, you can get a video capture device. Nero can capture, and you can also peak the color, contrast, and sharpness somewhat. And, as you found out, Nero will not remove any copy protection. There are some free programs that will do that, but I don't think the board mangement condones mentioning any of them.

EDIT: Windows Movie Maker will also capture.

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