AMD heating up

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AMD heating up

I've got an AMD 1.4ghz processor on an ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard, new power supply. The unit shuts off on it own but will power on after leaving it for some time. Heatsink gets quite hot so leads me to believe its not getting enough cooling.
Do these processors have an auto shutdown mechanism that prevent them from frying? Or is there something else that may cause this?
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Probably your fan dedicated to the CPU is bad or not running. SOME OF THESE 12 V FANS don't quite do the job.My CPU is also an AMD but there are others cards that gets hot too . Namely the graphic card and i lost one because of it. My solution install a 115v fan some where and let it run forever like i do. Mine moves 220'/minute and nothing get hot ever and it is a very good backup for the other fans if they fail i do that to every computer that i own.
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CPU Overheating

That board has C.O.P. (CPU Overheating Protection) and will shut the system down should CPU temps reach a dangerous level.

When you boot to see if that is your problem press the Delete key during power up to enter the BIOS setup screen. Go into the power area of the BIOS and select hardware monitor.

The hardware monitor will show you the CPU temperature. For your CPU normal temp is in the 40 to low 50 degrees C range. If you see the temperature rising quickly to above 60 then you have CPU cooler problems caused by CPU fan not running at the correct speed, CPU cooler filled with dust or cooler not seating properly on CPU.

If the CPU temps are right then I would start looking elsewhere like possible power supply problems. Let us know what you find.

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How many fans are there in the system? There are either 1 or 2 in the power supply, normally one on the CPU heatsink, and depending on the computer, normally one on the back panel (sometimes 2, or one on the front panel).

Some fans are the 3-pin style which plug into the board, CPU fans almost all do. Case fans do not always, occasionally supplied with a 3-pin-to-molex adapter. (Molex is the style of connector used for hard disks and DVD drives)

Has the heatsink been disturbed for any reason? Between the heatsink and the CPU chip, there is a thermal compound which conducts heat from the cpu to the heatsink. Whenever a heatsink is disturbed, it can be wise to removed all of the old goop, and put new a new thermal pad or compound (such as Artic Silver) on the heatsink. A small tube costs 5 to 10 dollars.

Is there any software installed that controls the fan speed?
On select motherboards, the BIOS is capable of managing the fan speed. On AMD-based systems, there is a feature called Cool'n'Quiet that AMD developed for CPU fan speed management, some manufactures include this feature.

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Yes, they often have an auto shutdown feature for the processor. It saves you from having to buy a new processor.

Is there a lot of dust inside the computer? It can cause airflow problems if the vents are plugged up. Also check the CPU heatsink/fan. Dust causes the heat not to dissipate from the heatsink since it acts like insulation. If you see any dust clean it out with a vacuum or compressed air.

Also check to see if the fan on your heatsink is bad. Open the case while it's running and make sure the fans are spinning.

Finally, check your BIOS screen (Usually you press Delete at startup) and look for the area that shows your computers CPU temperature. If it's within the 40-50 C range then check to see what the auto shutdown temp is set to. It might have been set too low. If so bump it up a little.

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