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Software install problem

After the install of my Intel Create and Share webcam software began my computer froze.
The install process had only run partway through..
I restarted and when I tried to reinstall it there was a warning that a component of the software was installed with the instruction to remove it before trying to install the program.

I did not see anything in add/remove programs, did a file search and found and removed two files that began with the named program.
I can do a file search looking in every location for all files including hidden without seeing anything related and the install still hangs because of a supposed installed component.

Not sure if it matters with this problem but I have had problems installing some software.
A couple of games including Flight Sim '04 had to be copied to the HD and then installed from there.
The disks would hang part way through the install.
Another bug from day one was a random system reboot that could only be corrected by running at 4X agp rather than the 8 it is supposed to be capable of.

Any ideas what might be going on here?

New Asus K8VX-SE mb/AMD3100+/128 meg Radeon 9800 video card/1GB ram/40 gb on a 120 gb HD/Win-XP with all alleged fixes.
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Here's part of a review:
I purchased the create and share camera pack a few months ago and was very dissapointed to get constant error messages and lockups after instaling the software. I tried it out on another system with the same result and finally after instaling it on a third system I got it up and running. If you refer to the read me file and info on the Intel site you will see certain incompatabilities with some modems and software. I would advise you check this out if possible prior to purchase.

There are a few things you can do. As you've found out, copying the files to the h.d. can be one, disabling antivirus/antispyware programs during the install can be another. I've always had better luck installing programs from a cd by using a cd player rather than using a dvd player. make sure the disk is really clean. make sure you create a restore point before installing new software. make sure the cd drive is clean and set up for the fastest transfer speed.
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Since you've had random reboots since it was new, you might have a bad stick of RAM.. Run Memtest86 for several hours, or overnight.. See if that shows something..
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Thanks for the tips.
I didn't think the dvd burner would cause a problem so I can try the cd burner which I also have as well as disabling anti-vi/spy.

The reboot problem has completely gone away since setting the agp speed from 8x to 4x.

The problem right now is that either installing from cd or a file the program wants the Video Phone component removed and stops the install wizzard. Only thing is other than two files that I deleted and emptied from the recycle bin, no more show up in a search.

I've had this Pro Video camera for several years and ran it without problems on Win '98, 2000 and XP and several computers with no problem at all.
I think I must have picked a really unstable combination of computer parts this time.
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