HP printer cartriges

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HP printer cartriges

I offered for sale on another forum some un-opened HP printer cartriges, one of the members blasted me cause they were expired by a few months, I never knew they had an exp date on them, its now Dec and they Exp in Aug and July of 2006. My question what happends does all the ink dry up, do they not work, clog the machine, the only reason I am asking is cause I wanted to sell them as I have about 10 black and 10 color and would hate to scam somebody.

the old printer died and I was given a brand new one, so I found all these cartriges left over and wanted to get some $$ back...thanks
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You should not buy ink cartridges ahead of time, and least not that many of them.

Yes, the ink eventually dries up. The ink also degrades over time, making the colors less bright, etc.

The other problem is that certain manufacturers have encoded the expiration dates into the cartridges themselves, and their printers will not use them more than a few months past the expiration date. This is primarily to keep the cartridges from being refilled, but also to ensure that you must buy their cartridges on a regular basis. Of course the printer manufacturers won't admit to this, but it is happening.

My advice, junk the cartridges and take this as a lesson. If you insist on trying to sell them, make certain that in the description and in all correspondences that you make certain it is plain and clear that the cartridges are expired.
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Sell them as is, and take a bit of a loss on the cartridges. Make it known it they are espired.

There might not be anything wrong with then, just that HP won't guarantee them. A smart person may know how to get around the coded date protection, if one exists.

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