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I can't get into a certain websight which I really want to get bad. I keep getting an error message Line 274. Scripts/Pea.JS.
Function does not return a value. What does this mean and what can I do to corredt this so I can get on. I am trying to get on an internet radio station.
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Marshall Buttrey
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Lannie, it sounds to me as if a script (a program) is the problem, and it is un-likely that you can do anything to fix it. The web master at the site might be able to fix it if it is a script problem, or tell you why your PC has a problem when viewing their site.

If you post the URL of the site, I will go look at the script and see if I can determine anything. I might at least be able to contact the webmaster and forward your information to him.

Marshall Buttrey

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