Power Consumption


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Power Consumption

I've always wondered if speakers draw the 400 watts they say they do, even when not in use but turned on.

Hooked up my kill-a-watt meter today to my 5 and 1 speakers, surprised me a bit.

Speakers on..............33 watts

Speakers in use.........50 watts tops, turned up quite high.

To check the meter I hooked it up to two 400 watt panel heaters I have. One was 399 watts and the other 409 watts, pretty close.

Where do they get this 400 watts from for the speakers? I'm not even close.


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I copied this from a website, because I can't explain it very well:

Speakers do not "have" wattage. A watt is a unit power and, unless your speakers have power amps built in, they don't have any. Non powered speakers may have wattage ratings, but this is only to indicate their ability to handle power. If your speaker is rated at 200 watts that means it can handle 200 watts of power. Depending upon how the manufacturer arrived at this rating it may be able to handle a lot more than this. A 200 watt speaker with 200 watts being delivered to it may be the same volume as a 1000 watt speaker with 200 watts delivered to it. Then again, it may not.
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Good one....I think I understand that.

These are Altec Lansing ADA995 speakers, powered.

Book says they put out 200 watts and consume 400 watts of electricity, way more than I see here.

I checked the computer and it uses a few more watts with the speakers on, maybe the audio card.

Mystery to me.

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The 200 means the amp at full volume. The 400 means more than that and you create fire.

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