Installing 2nd hard drive


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Installing 2nd hard drive

I wish to put a second hard drive in my computer for my kids.
One computer and 2 hard drives
One 40 gig and another 20 gig
That way when the kids download a hundred games each, it wont slow my hard drive down.
How can I do this,
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Clarify a little

I am not sure what you are really asking. Adding a second hard drive or creating a second windows installation on this 2nd hard drive??

It sounds to me like the later would be your best option.

Downloading itself will not slow down anything (besides filling the hard drive to capacity), it is the installation of applications (games in this case) that will slow down windows.

If you give them a second hard drive to download and install games too, but still run the same operating system for both you and the kids this will not really solve anything.
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Take a look at this thread:
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I wish to have one computer and 2 separate hard drives and 2 operating systems.
I had 2 separate computers but we only allow the kids to be on computer in the living room so that means having 2 computers in the living room and there is not enough room.
The kids like downloading everything in site and I check the games etc.
It fills up the hard drive quite fast and a lot of the games I question whether they bring spyware etc.
The kids are almost teens and I have to loosen the reins bit by bit so I want a separate system for them but I want it in out living room so we as parents can watch over their shoulders form time to time.
I had a duel boot on my computer at one time on 1 hard drive.
I want that idea but on 2 hard drives
That way if they download something bad and it messes something up then my hard drive will not be affected. I use the computer quite a bit for work and cant risk it being wiped out by a virus or something.
The kids also like to explore the computer and change things. I dont want to be the grump all the time and say dont do that all the time so I want a system that if they mess up thier hard drive it wont affect me.

I currently have xp on both hard drives
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If you are concerned about viruses. The only way I know to for sure prevent that is to have the drive you use physically disconnected or at the very least disable it in the drives properties. Even if you are not booting from it you will still be able to access it from the other drive. In other words when you boot from one drive the other will show up as storage. The computer treats the drives the same whether or not they are seperate physical partitions or on the same hard drive. If you have USB 2.0 you could keep your drive external. Then it would be safe and easy to remove when not in use.
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The second hard drive connects to the same ribbon cable as the one that's in there.. Then connect the power cable, close the box and start it up..

If a virus is downloaded by the kids using a second operating system, it will affect the entire computer, and ALL operating systems.. It's a waste of effort to install a second OS, unless you have a REAL reason to do so..
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Understand also that to install a second hard drive with an OS that you will need to purchase the OS.

A better option would be getting them their own computer.
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Not waste of effort

It is not a complete waste of effort to install a second OS. It will stop the slow downs of installing tons of applications on to the OS. Spyware and adware for the most part only effect the host operating system, they do not normally spread like a virus. He would not have to worry about application conflicts either.

And yes for the most part a second OS will NOT stop virus from spreading. However, he could change security settings on his entire hard drive to not allow the other operating system to access it, which would. Most virus are spread by poor or lack of security.

Frankiee - I do not know how computer savvy you are to do all of this. For the most part, you would have to physically install the hard drive on the machine. Off the top of my head I do not remember how well windows created dual boot partitions, but I do not recollect having any real issues in the past. You may want to read up a bit on dual booting or maybe someone here can assist you.
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Thank you everyone for your information.
Have 3 computers and 2 laptops in house
I wish to have only 1 main computer in living room with 2 HD's
You are seeing what I am seeing for benefits.
Computer savvy?? Well, er, ahh,well....
I can follow instruction if that counts.
I installed the hard drive already.
I will say that I am fair "savvy"
Know of any good sites I can go to for step by step??
If I get into trouble I have a friend I can go to that owns a computer shop.
But I only go there when I have completely buggered up things (LOL)
Thank you everyone
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After you've got dual-boot set up, go into the kids' Device Manager and set "Do not use this device" for your hard drive, and anything else they (or their viruses) don't need access to.

By the way, if they get files using P2P networks - and most kids do, I think - this will trickle away at your bandwidth all the time that filesharing software is active. All the time their OS is on, by default. The software basically acts as a server for outside file requests.

CD/DVD burners are really cheap now. Most of that downloaded stuff could be saved externally. This'll teach the kids to manage their files better (like laundry hamper helps them tidy the room), and put off the day you have to buy them a bigger hard drive.

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