How to create Personal Web-Site for Hobby-related

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How to create Personal Web-Site for Hobby-related

There are many, many wonderful and fascinated photos that I took over the years, as one of my Hobby-related projects.

Now, I want to share those photos with others who have same or similar interest. Those photos are all transportation related.

The questions on this are;
(1) How to create my personal Web-site in order to share/display photos appropriately? It's completely 'Hobby,' then there is no money/business related.

(2) Since my hobby is transportation, ... moving, then in the future I plan to launch 'Video' for realistic and life-like display.
How to take those in Video, ... moving in display?

(3) Do I need to buy Domain before creation of my personal Web-page?
If does, how much would it cost for my 'small and economical' personal web-site?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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This is a to broad of a question to answer in a post, but, you will find that is a great domain service. They are pretty cheap as well. I had a generic site for $9.99/yr. GoDaddy will also supply you with simple software to help you develope it. If you want more then just a generic site, you will have to pay a little more for the better software.

There are several other options as well. Places like Yahoo, and MSN allow you to upload photos and share them for free. Photobucket, imageshack, are others as well.
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Flickr is another good photo website.

If you have a gmail account, you can use Picasa (free) to upload your photos to a nice looking website with albums. They provide something like 250 MB. The address would be

You could also buy a domain with hosting for somewhere around $100 per year, depending on the host. That would provide you with a unique domain. You would be responsible for creating the content, either using a product to create the html pages (i.e. dreamweaver, frontpage, nvu (free), etc.) or using a product provided by the host. You could also use Picasa to create html photo albums and then upload them to your host. You could also upload your videos to your site.

Having your own domain would provide the most flexibility, because you can customize the content and post videos. And you will also get your own domain name. But this is also the most expensive option and would require some tech knowledge (html, ftp, etc.).
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I use Network Solutions (, and build my own site from scratch. I have one for the business and one for a rental cabin we just bought. I think the cabin website (5 pages plus 2 email addresses) cost about $112.00 and a year's domain cost was included, so it wasn't that bad.
With no advertising intended, and no services offered, you can visit my sites and see if something like this would suffice.

Good luck, and post back if we can help further.
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wow. I just bought a domain for $1.00, and then transfered it to a free host. No ads or anything. Domain through yahoo small business.Now it's $9.95 a year.
It really depends on how many pics you are talking about. your service provider probably allows you a certain amount of space for web pages. places like ($24.00 a year)is another good photo sharing site. there is software available like web gallery wizard that will allow you to make html pages similar to the paid sites, and post them on your own pages.

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