what's a good laptop


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what's a good laptop

I'm looking for a laptop for my wife. She just needs something simple such as: 40 gig harddrive, 15.4 screen, cd/dvd, something basic but durable. Can we get one with xp on it instead of the new vista. I have no idea what model or brand I should look for. I heard about panasonic toughbook, but they're too expensive. She won't be practicing her slam dunk anyway. Got any suggestions?
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I have an HP Pavilion zv6270us that I really like.. The screen is 15.4" and is very bright and sharp.. HP and Compaq are basically the same..
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I have a Dell

Inspirion 1501 that I like.... Mine came with Media Center. I'm not sure if you can still get XP, you may need to call and ask. I also suggest that you buy the physical reload/re-install CDs when you order the computer.

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I would not go with Dell for laptops. That is my opinion.

I am typing on a 1 year old Dell Insprion 6000 and this thing is a piece of junk. I've gone through 4 A/C adaptors within a year or so. I am currently having onboard wireless card issues and Dell will laugh at you if you are out of warranty.

I would stick with a HP. I've always had good luck with HP.

This Dell 6000 is actually burning my legs right now as I type even though I have replaced the battery(recall).
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Sony's are nice, and you can get older models (new) on ebay pretty cheap.
Have some blank CD/DVD's handy to create the recovery disks, and buy a full copy of XP from a place like www.multiwave.com ($100 or so). You can get all the drivers either off the recovery disks, or sony's website.

I wouldn't own a Dell if you gave me one. My stepson owns one, and that thing is like fire and it doesn't even think it's hot enough to run the fan! All that and they are still overpriced.
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I doubt seriously that DELL would laugh at you out of warranty, we dealt and still deal exclusively with DELL product at work without any problems.. we use DELL laptops, I have an Inspiron 6400 and have no problems.. as for HP/Compaq.. read my previous post and buyer beware.. HP WILL LAUGH AT YOU even in Warranty... mine was 2 WEEKS OLD AND DIED... they laughed, they argued, they avoided me, they basically said KMA .... so... if you buy an HP and it goes gunny sack, and they don't warrant it for you, don't say I didnt' tell you so... Sony is a good Laptop, DELL is a good Laptop, but I'd stay CLEAR of any HP/Compaq computers! and you HP/compaq diehards say or think what you want, I'm talking from pure experience! with the emails and the DEAD BRAND NEW COMPUTER to back me up! you can pick up a great refurb from the factory at http://www.dellauction.com/ and it comes with a full warranty, something HP doesn't understand... or get a new one at www.gotapex.com .. and don't shop FRY's... they are the 3rd world country store I bought the HP laptop at.. and wouldn't service or replace the computer, even 2 weeks from date of purchase... YES, I BELIEVE IN BOYCOTT.... I do not believe in two time screw ups!
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Explain then why multiple dell laptop models have caught fire? Mine gets EXTREMELY hot.

While I was under warranty, 2 A/C adaptors went south. They did replace them while under warranty, but a week after my warranty expired, they would do nothing even though this machine has had problems since week one. They have done nothing to rectify why everyone's A/C adaptors have been toast. Google search Dell a/c adaptor problems and you will get thousands of hits.


And you explain to stay away from FRY's because it's located in a 3rd world country. Have you ever called Dell Tech support. You talk to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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The Dell laptops caught fire because of defective batteries. Batteries made by Sony. The problem had NOTHING to do with Dell. You will also note that numerous other laptop manufacturers had problems with Sony batteries.


I'm not sure you are asking a valid question. Laptops vary widely. There are good ones and bad ones. Even among the same brand, there are ones that are very good and ones that are very bad.

I would buy nothing but Dell. I have had very good luck with them, and I have not had trouble with their service. Of course, I always buy high end machines, which may have something to do with it.

HP, on the other hand, is a different story. My company has had several HP laptops and never had a good one yet.

Whatever you buy, I recommend a three year warranty. Laptops get used and sometimes abused. It only makes sense to get an extended warranty.

Stay away from the sub $500 deals and the cheap units. I have never seen an inexpensive laptop that was any good or that was built for the long haul. If you stay away from the cheap deals (which end up NOT being deals in the long run), you will generally be okay.

Make sure that with any computer you buy (laptop or desktop) that you get physical disks for recovery. Do NOT ever rely on a separate partition of the hard drive. That partition is useless if you want to upgrade to a larger hard drive or if the hard drive itself dies. Yes, you may have to pay extra for the recovery CDs, but if you ever need them you will be glad you have them. And if you keep the computer long enough, you will need them. Every instance of Windows gets corrupted and bogged down after a while and needs to be reinstalled.

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