What Computer To Buy?


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What Computer To Buy?

I am in the market for a new computer that I use for a little spreadsheet work (very basic) & mainly for the internet. ( I have a cable broadband connection) I tend to multitask with sometimes 6-8 programs open at the same time. Another requirement is that I need it to have an S-video out as I like to watch CSPAN streaming videos (CapitalNews.com) on my CRT TV in the next room which I have connected to my present computer via S-video & audio cable wire. (I like to watch reruns of Senate/House hearings & do so comfortably in the den) I also want a tv tuner/pvr, but that can either be PCI or stand alone.
I was looking at a high-end HP media center computer but both S-video connections are inputs & thus not workable with my present setup. I am leaning towards 2 gigs of memory but also could just add that to anything I buy.
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There are many options, but the main question I have is:

How deep is your wallet?
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Whatever you get should have 2 gig of RAM, especially if you have that many programs open.. Vista will be the OS, no doubt..

You may have to buy a TV or video capture card for the S-video..
Haupage makes good TV/capture cards, and Pinnacle has some great A/V cards..
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Walk into an Apple store and tell the guy what you need. He'll find the right box for you.

If you're wed to a certain suite of Windows apps (and your budget can't deal with a Mac with Boot Camp installed), then a Windows Vista Home Premium is your best bet, but be sure to add in the cost of the video and audio peripherals before you decide.
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If I were you I would go to a small local computer store and tell them what you want. That way you can get just the components that you need and not pay extra for stuff you don't want, and possibly still be left short on the things you do want.

For instance, CPU speed is not going to be too important, so you can probably save 100.00 to 500.00 and skimp on that. Even a 70.00 CPU would be more then adequate for what you want, from what you posted. On the other hand, ram will make a difference, at least a gig of ram, preferably two gigs would be what you want to go with.

You can buy a video card which is not so good for gaming, but has a variety of outputs, I would get a card which along with s-video outputs also contains at least component outputs so in the future if you buy a better TV your computer will support it's higher quality inputs.

Also, you would be able to pick and choose which case you want, which can be nice depending on where the computer will go. You may want a case which sits horizontally instead of a tower case.

I would personally wait a couple of years before buying windows Vista, it is overall a great operating system, but still has a few combatability issues with some software and hardware. There were about 3 programs in particular I used which drove me nuts trying to use in Vista. You can choose to have windows XP installed instead of Vista if you go with the custom computer route. If you do want to use Vista though, the shop can make sure all the hardware that makes up the computer is compatible with Vista.

Also, by going the custom route it's usually easier to upgrade the computer in the future since all the hardware will follow a public standard and you won't be stuck with any proprietory hardware which makes upgrading a real headache down the road.
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Cool picking a new pc

I would read reviews first and see what others are saying

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