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Post Re-installing Windows XP


If I need to re-install Windows XP, do I need to back-up my data or will I be able to just re-nstall??


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Usually, you can do an over the top install of XP and your data will remain intact. But, things can and will go wrong. It is possible that the re-install could permanently corrupt the boot sector which would then render the disk useless without a reformat, in which case everything on the disk would be gone.

You should always backup before undertaking an operation like this. In fact, you should frequently back up your data in case of something goes wrong, like a hard drive failure, or a fire, and the such. Hard drives fail all the time. If it hasn't happened to you yet, rest assured, it will. I don't know about you but I have thousands of photos on my computer that are irreplaceable if lost. I would be devastated if they were gone. (and dead as I'm sure my wife would kill me) I have my data backed up at least three different, insurance, insurance.

If you don't have anything to lose then go ahead and try it.
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Talking backup

I agree. If you already dont have 1, get a CD burner, or better yet a DVD burner, or even better yet an external harddrive. Also, I would recommend backing up the registry, too.
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I just bought an 8 GB flash drive for $63.99, including shipping. A lot of people have so much data to back up these days (like pictures) that a CD just doesn't cut it.
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Backing up data is important, but back to the original post. Why do you need to reinstall windows? Is it not working? Can it not be fixed another way? Are you trying to eliminate viruses?

I would advise against installing on top of another install. It is best to reformat and install windows. Back up your data, get all your application CD's, get your Windows XP CD, and then reformat and reinstall everything.
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You can do a few things.

You could try to repair/reinstall over the top (WITH OUT FORMATTING) of the current installation. This is messy and I would only suggest doing this to recover data, then do the install over with a format.

You could install on another drive and recover the data off of the old drive.

Either way I would suggest doing a format and install once you have your data backed up.
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Hello everyone I'm new to the board.
Just my $.02. I recently tried a re-install of xp and things did not go well. I then had to install the drive into another pc to get the data off, wipe the drive clean, do a fresh install of xp then put all the data back on. Instead of doing all that, it would have been easier to just back up the data and then hose the hard drive. I do not reccomend overwriting the OS.
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you can also do a new install to the same hard drive, it gives the windows folder a different name, keeps the old version,and gives you the option at boot which one to load. This allows you to save/retrieve and even shortcut to all your old data and a fresh clean install of the os.
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Although it's not recommended to install a second OS to the same partition.
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it's the same os, and i do it all the time.
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XP:To Back-up or Not?

Backing up your data is totally dependent on how valuable that data is to you. If that data is your Income Tax Records for the past seven years, all your Family Photos of "Little Johnny and Jenny Sue" for the past 5 years, and a total room-by-room insurance inventory of your 55 room mansion, then you might want to back things up before trying to re-install any operating system.
(Hopefully you have that information backed up someplace else already anyway.)
If all you have are your characters and stats for Diablo and The Sims 2 and a couple of old school papers you forgot to delete then by all means go ahead and re-install over the old OS and keep your fingers crossed. You might make it through without any problems.

While others are able to "do it all the time" there is no guarantee you will be able to do the same thing. You may be able to get away with it for awhile. However, I will guarantee that as soon as you start counting on that to be the case, that is when something will go horribly wrong and you will toast your FAT, or Boot Sector, or worse, the HD itself.

So...If you get to the point, or are at the point, where you think you need to re-install Windows XP, the best advice is to:
1: Back-up all your important data.
2: Ensure and check that the data is readable (don't just make a back-up copy...make sure it in fact works)
3: Make sure you have the disks available for the programs you need to re-install.
4: Make sure you have the Disk Serial Numbers or Activation Numbers at hand.
5: Make sure you have the time set aside to reinstall the most important programs first. (then always add at least 1-2 hours extra)
6: Perform a "Clean Install of Windows XP" by,
7: Reformating your Hard Drive and choosing NTFS as the file system
8: Follow the Screen Instructions for Installing the Windows Operating System.
9: After installing XP and Essential Hardware Utility Programs (Drivers), and before installing any other programs (games, etc.), log-on to the Windows Update Service and download and install any and all of the updates available.
10: Next...install, in order of importance...1) Anti-Virus 2) Anti-Spyware 3) Firewall 4) Internet Protection Software ::: Making sure to update to latest version and definitions
11: Re-install routine programs. (order is by personal preference and usage)

P.S. All of this has been learned through many years of "if at first you don't succeed, blow up another computer" [just ask my wife]


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