iPod Problems---a very peculiar one at that PLZ HELP ME


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iPod Problems---a very peculiar one at that PLZ HELP ME

Esteemed iPod users,
I have a most peculiar problem with my iPod. My I-Pod is the 80gig video black iPod. When I went to turn it on, when I got into my car, a screen I have never seen before popped up saying to connect the iPod to iTunes to restore my settings. The screen was white with black writings in about 4 different languages. When I went home to hook my iPod up to iTunes it I got another screen Ive never seened before. It said: please wait, very low battery, after a few minutes it went away and the screen went all black with the Apple logo in the middle showing, but it was not white, it had the grey hue to it. Now its just completely unresponsive, I'll do the resent thing with the menu and center button, the screen scrambles and then it goes back to the way it was. PLZ PLZ help.

I take good care of my iPod. I have NEVER dropped it, never left it in an untemprate car or climate and do not consistantly charge it all the time nor let the battery completely die.
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Sounds like it died. Repair or more probably replace it.
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the damn thing is 9 months old. I dont have a receipt but I entered my serial number into apple's website and they said its still under warranty.
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If Apple shows it under waranty, call them and they will have you most likely send the unit it for repair or replacement. They may or may not need a receipt because they can tell by the model number if the unit was made within that year, if that makes sense.

When I worked at Circuit City and a customer brought in a defective unit that was made within that year of warranty, we serviced it without charge if the person did not have a receipt.
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iPod only shows an Apple logo and doesn't start up

You may need to restore or update your iPod, iPod mini, or iPod nano by placing it in Disk Mode if only an Apple logo appears when you turn it on.

If this happens, the iPod software may have been damaged. Put iPod into Disk Mode, then restore or update iPod's software.

1. Put iPod into Disk Mode.
2. iPod should appear in the iTunes Source pane and on the desktop or in a Finder window, or in the My Computer window.
3. If a message appears that says the volume could not be mounted and asks if you want to initialize the disk, choose to initialize iPod's disk. Use Mac OS Extended format (HFS Plus) if you have a Mac, or FAT32 if you have a Windows PC.

Warning: This process cannot be undone. All of your songs, videos, and other files will be deleted. Always make a backup of your important data.

4. Follow the steps to update or restore iPod. If you manually put iPod into Disk Mode it may need to be reset before you can use it.
5. If you cannot put iPod into Disk Mode after performing these steps, it may need to be repaired. You can arrange for repair at the iPod Service Website.

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