changing from windows ME to Linux?


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changing from windows ME to Linux?

Can I do this? Will programs like office run? What won't run if I install Linux? This computer will only be used for basic web surfing and email. Thanks.
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None of your Windows programs will run under Linux. Linux, while getting better allk the time, is NOT ready for prime time.

Upgrade from Windows MyEnemy to Windows 98. While Windows is an older operating system, it is better than MyEnemy.

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LOL...I thought ME stood for multiple exception.

Yes 98 is definetly an upgrade from ME.
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You can run many Windows programs under Linux.. You need Linux programs such as Wine and Cedega in order to do it..

ANY OS is an upgrade from ME..

Linux is becoming more popular.. Dell offers systems with it now..

I have found pclinuxos to be a very easy distribution to install and use..
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It depends, what are the specs on the machine you plan to convert? I have beeen using linux (Ubuntu) on my home machines for a couple years now, and it works exceptionally well for word processing and internet. A word processing and spreadsheet program (Open Office) is available (and usually installed by default) for all distributions. Some of your old windows software may work on linux with Wine (windows emulator) the Wine project maintains a database of what does and doesn't work on their website. For most things free alternatives do exist. If you do want to add software, for most things it is incredibly simple. Go over to the Ubuntu website for better explanations. Where it is lacking is in support for games.

If your machine is powerful enough to use one of the more up to date linux distributions (Ubuntu, Suse, Xandros) I would choose linux over win98SE anyday. You will need a minimum of 256MB ram for a reasomably responsive system. I have a 600Mhz PIII running Ubuntu at home and thats about as slow a machine as it is practical for. I tried it on a 433Mhz celeron and it was just too slow to be useful, in all fairness, so was Win2000. There are more lightweight linux distributions though, like XUbuntu (a ubuntu derivative) which would probibly work if you wanted to try it.

Something else you should consider. Win98 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so security is definitely an issue if you plan to surf the web with it. Provided you have a reasonable machine I would install Windows 2000 if you want to go the windows route. Again a 600Mhz PIII with 256MB ram on up will work nicely.

Another place linux has a wins a decisive victory over Win98 and Win2000 is the install process. It is so friggin simple a caveman could do it. Seriously, give it a try. It's free.
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>None of your Windows programs will run under Linux.

True, but who says you have to use them? I can do most of what I do daily on my Linux machine. There are Linux versions or equivalents of the general software I need to use. Yes I do have a Windows XP machine and use it daily. Then again, I do have the opportunity of a couple of computers in my house.

>Linux, while getting better all the time, is NOT ready for prime time.

That is relative. It installs, configures, and works rather well. At least the ones I use or have played with.
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This is an unfortunate situation, but common. Someone wants to switch to Linux, because WindowsMe has left a bad taste in their mouth. It was the worst O/S Microsoft ever made.
As someone else said.....switch to Windows98. Preferably Windows98SE.
Other than XP, I consider it the second best MS O/S.

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