"Turn Off Hard Disks" option is missing...


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"Turn Off Hard Disks" option is missing...

Under Power Scheme in Power Options, there used to be "Turn off Monitor" and right underneath it "Turn Off Hard Disks"....in my older computer and office computer that is.
I have a brand new Asus mobo with AMD Athlon 64 X 2 4600 with Windows XP Pro. For some reason, there is no option to "turn off hard disks"...it's not that it is there and grayed out, it is simply not there....

Any idea?
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Once again, Windows Help answers your question.

"Using Power Options in Control Panel, you can adjust any power management option that your computer's unique hardware configuration supports. Because these options may vary widely from computer to computer, the options described may differ from what you see. Power Options automatically detects what is available on your computer and shows you only the options that you can control. "
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To expand on that, check your BIOS settings, your system may have come with the power management system turned off (ACPI I *think* is what it's called).

If it is, Windows won't know that your machine supports these features, so disables them.


Load up:

Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Hardwareevice Manager
Under computer, see if it says "ACPI....".

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