need help(Computer slow/virus?)


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need help(Computer slow/virus?)

my computer has been really slow for the last couple weeks.takes for ever to open any thing.i called our servicer & was told i most likely had picked up a virus.i have dial up & would like to know is there something i can do to get rid of this virus without taking it in for a service repair.
thanks for any help.
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Run your antivirus program and let it discover them and quarantine them. Defrag the hard drive and clean up the disk. These programs are there to help prevent what you are having. You should defrag every 30 days. I found out my wife last defragged back in 2006, so her complaints were justified.
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Well, if you don't have any anti-virus software installed, you may have to purchase a program or see if your ISP (service provider) will send you a free disk. You could also get a FREE anti-virus program called AVG. Run your anti-spyware program like Spybot Search & Destroy.

I've personally never seen any improvement at all after defragging.
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On a modern computer with plenty of hard drive spae, defrag will do little if anything. On an old computer or on a computer with an almost filled hard drive a defrag will help, possibly quite a bit.

In this case, a proper scan for viruses and spy-ware is called for. One of these may very well be the problem. Another possible cause could be just that the computer has finally bogged down. ALL (and I do mean all) Windows computers eventually get bogged down with 'stuff'. By that I mean leftovers from programs that have been installed and removed, DLLs that are no longer needed or that conflict with others. If this is the case then the only fix is a complete reformat and reinstall.
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I agree with racraft on this one. Look at the 'Sticky' notes at the top of this section of the forum. I believe there are web addresses for AVG (anti virus) and Spybot, etc. ... all FREE. They have worked well for me for years.
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I have had a number of customers come to me complaining of slow computers. Besides the recommended steps of making sure you don't have viruses or adware/spyware, something I'm seeing quite a bit is that a lot of PC's that were bought a few years ago have decent processors (Pentium 4's running at around 2.4 to 2.8 GHz) but they only have 256 MB of RAM). This may have been adequate at first, but as time goes on and more and more programs get installed and are running in the background, 256 MB is no longer enough. I'm guessing that adding more RAM will give you a marked improvement. If it was me, I would bring it up to a total of 1 GB. I have done this for several people with very good results.
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To determine exactly what the cause is use the task manager. Hit 'ctl-alt-del'. Select Task Manager. Click the performance tab. If the 'CPU Usage' is over 80% then it is a cpu utilization problem. If amount of 'available' under physical memory is less than 70,000 you are low on memory.

To see what is causing either of those problems click on the Processes tab. If it was a cpu utilization problem click twice on CPU in the header. This will sort this list by the highest cpu utilization processes. The processes on the top are the offenders. Try to identify those and you will have your culprit. Maybe it is something that was installed recently and trying to download updates over the internet. Likewise if the problem was low on memory then click twice on Mem Usage and it will sort by the processes with the highest memory usage. Uninstall anything that is not needed or add physical memory.

Also, as previously suggested (and I agree) it might very well be a virus or spyware. This will help identify it if your scans don't come up with anything.

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