Error message: No Operating System Found


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Error message: No Operating System Found

I have an EMachines T2542 which is about 2 - 3 years old.

About 5 months ago it crashed, giving me the error message 'No Operating System Found'. I replaced the hard drive with no success. I eventually found that, by replacing the CMOS battery with a spare one I had, I fixed the problem.

Today it crashed again with the same message. I pulled the CMOS battery and it tests at 3.06 volts (the batteries are rated at 3 volts).

Does anyone know what voltage a new battery is supposed to be? I'm guessing that if the voltage of the current battery is sufficient, then I may be due for a new motherboard!


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How long was the MB with out a battery? Sounded like the first time the system was looking in the wrong place for the MBR, replacing the CMOS battery reset a messed up setting. Get into the bios and verify the settings. Does the bios see the hdd on IDE-1 (or 0, I can never remember) or is it only seeing the CDROM?

If you have more than one HDD, does the bios detect the main drive as the main drive, or a secondary? If the bios is changing settings on it's own it may be time to start looking for a replacement system.
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3.06 volts is a good battery, but you should really measure voltages while they're under load. Find the solder joints or test points on the mobo for + and - across the battery and measure there. The computer should charge the battery while it's on, and the voltage should drop slightly when the computer is off.

As I recall, the range of voltage is 20%, or 2.4vdc to 3.6vdc.

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