Windows xp questions


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Windows xp questions

It appears, due to some activation and licensing conflicts, that I'm going to have to buy another copy (or more) of xp Home Edition. In my shopping, I've come across some terms that I may not be perfectly clear on. OEM - I know this one is original equipment manufacturer; does this refer to big suppliers like Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Compaq, etc.? System builder - does this refer to someone like me who assembles his own computer(s)? Are multiple activations allowed with a system builder distribution? DSP - don't have a clue on this one!
By the way - when I contacted Microsoft concerning my being unable to activate another installation from the same CD, the representative asked if I knew what another license from them would cost. I did - $184.00. He then asked if I had shopped around for retail and online pricing - I had; prices ranged from $65.00 to just under $100.00. he then told me that a whole new installation CD would be the way to go! How many companies are going to tell you that NOT spending money with them is the best choice? Just thought that was kind of interesting...
Any help at all with trying to determine which xp package to buy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Chris
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OEM means versions mad for those that build computers for commercial sale, from the likes of Dell or HP, down to your corner computer shop that builds custom PCs.

The big manufacturers have a special deal with Microsoft to not have to buy a CD per machine. A system builder can purchase multiple licenses and one install disk, or preactivate to the exact hardware (usually a BIOS signature) , and pay Microsoft per machine manufactured or some other terms.
In the case where a manufacturer has to install an OS with a product code, they need to purchase one per PC they manufacture.

The Single OEM CD sold about comes with one activation license for one computer. It is only legally supposed to be sold to system manufacturers or with a system, but is often sold alond with a token piece of hardware.
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There are limits on how the different versions of XP Home can be used:

An OEM version will only install as a new installation. It will not upgrade an older version of Windows without reformatting the hard drive.

An Upgrade version will only install as an upgrade. You must be upgrading an existing Windows installation or have a qualifying Windows installation disc to complete the upgrade installation.

A retail (full) version may be used for a new installation or to upgrade an existing Windows installation.

All three flavors are licensed to a single computer and cannot be moved to a different computer without violating the license agreement.

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