cd-r issue


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cd-r issue

I had four photos on a cd-r.
Today I tried to burn another photo and it erased the previous photos so I have the new one and the others are written over -I guess.
I think once you write to a cd-r you cannot write from scratch again -you have to keep burning in increments. When the disk is removed and reinserted it writes over the exisiting material??????
I have cd-rw's so I think I can do what I tried to with the cd-r and failed
Could you please straighten out my ideas re cd-r's and cd-rw's?
Thank you
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CD-R's are writable. CD-RW's are rewritable. You can add data to RW's as you go, so you got it backwards. Use the RW's for additional data transfer. Just a note of advice, if you record music on a RW, it won't play in your car unless you have digital equipment to "finalize" the disk.
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missing photos

Hello Chandler
I'm sorry to belabor this but if I read your message correctlty and stick to cd-r's, I can write to it and it will not erase what is on there; it will go to theend of what is on the disk and write there.
If you read my post again, when I wrote to the disc it did erase what was on there. I really need to get this straight in my mind as my wife needs some photos burned for work and I don't want to erase again.
Thank you
p.s I reread your note which said rw's are used for additional data -does that mean cd-r's cannot be written to after they the disc is removed or the data will be erased?
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To the best of my knowledge, once you write to a cd-r it is not possible to "erase" the data and/or overwrite the data. Kind of like flipping the little "lock-out" thingee on the old 3.5" disks to prevent overwriting or deleting data. When I'm burning I'm given the option of it being a "multisession" disk or not. If I select multisession I can continue to add data; if not I don't think you can. I'm at a loss as to how you could have overwritten/deleted files burned onto a cd-r disk.
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Whenever I have a multi-session disc in the past, I have alway had issues with it. It seems if I don't burn the original files each time, the previous files appear to be erased. It was probably the software I was using a few years back didn't work all that well. It appeared exactly as peterr described. While the files weren't physically erase, I could no longer access them with Windows (2000 at the time, XP may be better)

Since then I have abandoned multi-session discs since CD-R's are so cheap and I don't like headaches.

So I don't have a suggestion on how to fix it, but I wanted to validate peterr's experience.
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This is something I will have to play with as there are variables.
Generally, I'll write to a cd-r once, then if I want to do work that will require additional info I'll use a cd-rw.
This is why I love my password protected 2 GB flash drive.
If I find out more, I'll write back and I wold appreciate it if you do the same.
Thank you
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My guess is, you made a data CD and checked "allow me to add files later" (multi-session). Then, when you went to add files, you didn't highlight the existing files or folders that were already on the disc.

Some programs will think you don't want to keep the existing files. Although the data is still physically on the disc, it won't have a pointer in the disc's new table of contents (TOC). Consequently, the existing files won't be able to be accessed.

In the future, just before you burn, make sure all of the items in the "Add" window are highlighted.
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When I went to burn some additional pictures over the exisiting ones they were in the box. I then uploaded the new one. The burn button was red.
I guess you are saying you can write to a cd-r additionlly but to hilite the existing files in the box then hilite the one to burn. I have Sonic record ver 6.
I was dedeucing to this point that you wrote once to a cd-r and additionally to a cd-rw.
It is good to know I can write more than once and to do as you have suggested -it sounds strange that I can hilite all three in the box ie the two old and the one new-
Please send any more infrormation to correct me as I will try to expirement .
Thanx a lot

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