Purchasing refurbished computer or??


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Purchasing refurbished computer or??

I have Windows 98 on an e-Machine M550 computer. I want to switch to high speed internet through my phone company. They sent me a modem but I need 2000 or better. This much I know. I am puter illeritate and need some help. There are many computers on e-Bay that have been refurbished. Dell with Windows XP professional etc. I need a word processor, e-mail naturally, and ??. I work fulltime and have outdoor critters I have to feed. No time to sit and wait for a site to download or do research. I like to take pics but no time to play. I like to watch movies but no time... So the high speed is for me. I'm short on money and puter knowledge. I would like something that will last for a long time, no quick fixes please. Are there reliable web sites I can go to and purchase a machine that will give me some backup if needed? Thanks!!
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first no reason that your broadband shouldn't work on win 98 call tech support

they should be able to walk you through a workaround

as to refurbs I'm a big believer
I bought several used /refurbs some local some from ebay

you can search eBay for items for sale within a certain millage so on items like this where shipping can add up I limit my search to 50 miles

you can also buy "square trade "warranty's on eBay used /refurb computers

I recently bought my dad a used dell P4 win xp pro Microsoft office etc etc

80.00 local seller who delivered so no shipping and the square trade two year warranty was 20 more so 100 total

craigs list is another good source
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There's nothing wrong with getting a refurbished computer (Dell is my favorite!), but I would advise caution when buying one from Ebay. Be sure your seller has great feedback and a lot of it. Be sure your seller has been selling on Ebay for a while (over a year. Purchase only with Paypal+buyer protection. I've never used the square trade warranty that MM describes, so can't say "yea" or "nay"

I have both a Vista and an XP Pro. Either one works fine with high speed. Please don't consider systems less than that, because you soon will be able to get no support for earlier OS.

You might look at Dell online...they have tutorials to help you pick just what you want to buy for you system. You can print that "shopping list" to help you purchase.
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I, too, firmly believe in refurbished equipment.

My first laptop was refurbished and it worked well for eight years, finally dying about two months ago. It had WIN98SE on it and worked on a high-speed connection without any problem other than being slower than a more modern machine.

Two months ago I purchased a refurbished HP nc8000 notebook for $375. It had a guaranteed battery, WIN XP, DVD read / CD-read/write drive, 3-1/2 inch floppy drive, 40 gigabyte hard drive, 10/100 Ethernet, (2) USB 2.0 ports and parallel, serial and external monitor ports. It also came with the WIN XP disk.

I paid an additional $59. for an extended warranty (1 year total) and the shipping cost was $30. I am quite happy with this machine. The company I purchased it from buys up computers from corporations that are doing massive replacements and they have machines with varying amounts of cosmetic flaws and some without operating systems. Prices start at less than $100.

PM me if you want the link to the company.
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I purchased a refurbished Gateway directly from Gateway in April 2001 and have been happy with it....so far. My machine came with Windows 98SE, 128K memory, 20 GB HD, and no network card. I've been using dial-up, but wanting to go to DSL in the near future.

So much of what I'm seeing doesn't support 98SE anymore, and my machine is obviously too old for Vista. I don't do anything more than surf the 'net and use basic wordprocessing functions. I've been looking at refurb machines again from the manufacturers, but everything now is new enough to have Vista installed. I'd much rather have XP, but I don't see many manufacturer's refurb's with XP. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm NOT into buying from ebay.
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Originally Posted by Saddlebum View Post
I have Windows 98... I am puter illeritate and need some help.
Using anything but XP now will test your know-how and eat a lot of time just dealing with the "nuts & bolts" of it.

I suggest a locally purchased machine, you can see XP running on, that comes with the original XP disk. Find a geek to do full clean re-install of XP, and install some good freeware programs - antivirus, spyware scanner, firefox browser, word processor, media player, etc. Many freeware alternatives are less demanding of system resources and - ironically - require no tinkering/troubleshooting on the user's part.
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You can buy a Dell from Dell for about $500 ( & make payments ) loades w/ XP--looks like nice unit.
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For those looking to buy a new system (or used ).
Windows vista require a lot of resources which makes a computer expensive.
My best advise is to run Windows XP . You can check to minimal hardware requirements for Windows Xp at : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314865

You should not spend more than 500 dollars in you system.
You will need Windows Xp OS


You can get a 300 dollars PC install Linux Ubuntu ( free OS) which cames with all free software (word , e-mail , chat , etc) and forget about upgrading your Pc to keep up with Microsoft.
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