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Exclamation Flash to MPG

How would I go about saving a flash video from Youtube, to my computer? Obviously, it's not possible just by right-clicking, so is there a 'flash to mpg' converter out there? Thanks!
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A quick search turned up a number of flv to mpg converters.

By default, the videos are downloaded to the Documents and Settings/(your username)/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files directory. Usually, but not always, the filename starts with "get_video" followed by a long string of characters. It will be easier to find if you first delete all of the files in that folder before visiting that website. (Do this from IE/Tools/Internet Options.) The video file will usually be quite a bit larger than the others, and the file's time & date stamp will be close to your clock time.

Rename the file with a .flv extension and use a converter to make it an mpg. You can copy & paste it to another directory if you want to make it easier to find in the future.

Keep in mind that most of those videos are copyrighted. You can view them, but you can't redistribute them without permission from the owners. I once found one that I wanted to use in a PowerPoint. I contacted the owner and he was more than happy to let me use it, provided I put a credit on the PowerPoint screen.
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If you are using Firefox, there are a number of add-ons that will let you save the video (such as VideoDownloader), and there are free flv players out there. I like the one from godlikemouse.com

My experience with FLV > MPG/WMV converters has been disappointing. The video always seems to come out as a lower quality. So I just keep the FLV's.
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The video always seems to come out as a lower quality.
That's because it's being compressed multiple times, counting the initial capture before the owner uploads it.

Every time a video is compressed it loses some quality. When an already-compressed video is sent to another codec, that codec (usually) decompresses, then recompresses according to its settings.

You can minimize this degradation by increasing the bitrate of the new compressor (in this case, MPG), but it almost always results in a larger file than the original.
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If your a mac user, VisualHub is a great program that will convert most formats.

Just do what Rick stated in saving the "get_video" then place it in VisualHub and away you go.
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