How do can I check PS to see if it is working?


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How do can I check PS to see if it is working?

I have an emachines computer that has died. I suspect that the PS has died. But I also know that emachine computers have a history of taking out the motherboard when the PS goes. I have a spare PS already. They are both ATX PS's. Can I test the power output of them without them being installed into the computer? If so is it correct that I should be reading 12vdc and 5vdc on the connector that has 4 wires. 2 black, 1 red, one blue. At least I think the other is blue. Thanks for help.
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You can check all voltage from your PS without being hook up the the machine
The only problem is...

You have several connectors ( to connect HD , Floppy and Cd-drives) that run with 4 pins cable. And the 20 pins connector that goes to the motherboard. You can find a detailed of the voltages for this 20 pins connector on the web.

You will need a digital voltmeter and measure dual power supplies like this one.

More question , please let me know
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Ok, I have the digital meter. Where can I find the pin out connections schematic on the internet to know what points to test? Thanks for your help.
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They make PS testers for about $15. You can't really test a PC power supply with just a multi-meter, as the PS is linear. The reading you get with no load won't be the same as with a load. The testers have built in loading resisters to simulate a running system, and provide a more accurate assessment of the power supply.

You can probably take it to a local shop and they would test it for free, in the hopes that if it's bad, you will buy a new one while you are there.
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Pin outs are here. You need to short pin 14 to ground to turn the supply on.
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The easiest way to do it yourself, is to just leave the old ps in the machine and plug the new one up to the motherboard and all the devices and power it on like normal. You'll know pretty quick if it's gonna work or not. Don't even waste your time testing power supplies.
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And if there is a short in the system, your new PS is toast.

Check the motherboard for swollen capacitors. They look like miniature cans.
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The only Power supplies

that I have seen die was after the fan failed.

If you have a spare power supply, I would go ahead and install it. If the MB is really gone, there is likely not much reason to hang on to a backup supply for that PC.

A new PC (if you have to buy one) is going to come with it's own supply. More than likely, it will be different from your spare.. (Murphy's Law).

You might want to get a new with an extra drive bay, so you can retain your old HDD. I've done that a few times.
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