Monitor Size Question.

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Monitor Size Question.

I have a Compaq Presario about 3 years old. It came with a 17 inch monitir which was pretty good size at the time.

I now notice that more and more web pages, EMails etc kind of run off the right hand side of the screen. This means scrolling left and right which can be a pain. I know I could change the screen resolution to make the type size smaller but then it just gets hard for these old eyes to read.

I have looked at the newer wide screen monitors but am confused about what would be a good size to get. Would the 19 inch be sufficient or would I still have the same problem.

I only use the computer for home use. No super fast requirements or fancy add ons. I am looking for a good basic monitor to surf the web, read E-Mails and play a few low tech games on.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks...
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Your best bet would be to go to an electronics store and try them out and see what size works best for your eyes.
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I have a 19" lcd widescreen here in the man-cave. Much better than the old 19" crt I had before.

Wife has the bomb though. 22" Viewsonic Widescreen lcd. We bought it when they were a little pricey, but a friend bought one prob a year ago, factory refurb, for about $200.

Only prob with hers was the onboard graphics wouldn't support the native resolution of the monitor, so wound up buying a new video card for a brand new PC. That sucked, but she's happy, so thats what matters.

Basically, get the biggest you can afford and will fit on yer space. You may find a 19" widescreen actually looks as small as the 17" crt at normal viewing distances, thats why its better to go bigger.
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Can't you just resize the window? Click on a side and move it in. Click on the blue top bar and center it.
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CRT size is actually ~1" less, measured diagonally. So a "17 inch" CRT is 16". Not so with LCD - 19" really is 19".

Unlike CRTs, LCDs have one good ("native") resolution. Any other resolution will look terrible. Bear in mind your low-tech (old?) games may look stretched and yucky unless they're in a window.

One reason we're needing widescreen to view a whole web page, is sites are running ads along the margins. You can massively pare away this clutter with an ad-blocker (more than a popup blocker). The ad does not appear, and the page even reformats so useful content only fills the screen. I'm using the (free) Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox with (free) filter subscription.

You might be able to use both monitors. XP supports this. The only question is whether your video card happens to feature two connectors.

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