Questions concerning LCD/flat monitors


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Questions concerning LCD/flat monitors

Some time back, I was talking to some folks about their use of LCD monitors. They had just hit the market, and I thought they were really cool. They said they really liked the monitors, except for gaming applications. This was due to the slow refresh rate, I found. My questions are - Was refresh rate really ever an issue for graphics-intensive applications with these monitors? And if it was, has the issue been resolved? I still think they're way neat, and would like to replace every monitor in my house with one. Where it might present a problem is on my 16-year-old son's computer (yes he likes the games!). Any input?
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It was only a problem with fast changing graphics/video. It is not really a problem anymore.
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Only problem I have is keeping the kids & grandkids greasy
fingers off the screen--funny thing is that I can see them
when monitor is off but they don't show when it is turned on.....................??
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Thanks for the information. Looks like graphics shouldn't be a problem. Again, the only computer in the house running a lot of game software is my son's; the rest are doing a lot of word processing and web surfing. I may throw the first LCD at his computer first, just to see how it's going to behave. Thanks again - Chris
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I browse a forum daily which discusses them in depth
still on CRT here, though...
you have various types of panel. TN are the cheapest,
most common, with some models good, some so-so
others p-mva , -ips (IIRC)... etc
size is also a factor and related to price.
random notes :

refurb lcd209wuxi (misspelled prob, NEC) found
at $250 at ... (site)

px2611w ( planar probably, 26 inches)

soyo 24"? tn if "3ms" on box (or similar)
ips if "6ms" on box (or similar)
that is the dylm24d6

refurb Dell at their "outlet"
2407-WFP HC (if I recall, better or worse than
the non-HC model. Mistaken possibly tho)
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It has to do with the refresh rate. 16ms (milliseconds) is slow, which would effect the fastest moving games. Common now is 8, 5, even 2 ms. That's what you want to watch. I would get as fast as you can afford, if your concerned about games. So it won't be too slow for next years games.

I find good prices at
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I got mine, with games in mind, $200 on Boxing Day sale...

Samsung 206BW
20IN Widescreen (movies OK)
Glossy Black Finish (sweet!!!!LOL)
1680X1050 (normal)
3000:1 contrast (good, sharp pixels if you put your nose to it)
2MS refresh (overkill)

BTW your gamer son likely has a newish video card that supports this plus the old CRT. And XP natively supports dual monitors without any fuss at all.
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