New IBM T40 Hard Drive / OS Reinstall


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New IBM T40 Hard Drive / OS Reinstall

Hi all -

The hard drive on My Dad's notebook, an IBM T40, just crashed. I am 99% sure that it is the HD as it is making a lot of clicking noises and when booting the system cannot find it. Took the HD from my wifes T40 and it boots fine in Dad's PC, and Dad's HD doesn;t boot in my wifes notebook. So am I fairly condifent that the drive is shot. Fortunately, he had backed up his limited data a couple days ago.

My question is:
1. I can get a new 30g (or 40 or 50) HD for less that $100 and put it in, but there would be no OS on it. I do not have the original CD that came with the notebook (we did purchase the OS and have a legitiamte receipt for it!!), though it does have the XP Professional certificate and code on the sticker on the bottom. I have a Dell with Windows Media Center XP and have the original CD for the Dell. Can I reinstall XP on the IBM with the disk that I got when I bought my dell? Or will I have problems?

If I need to repurchase XP, I might be better off just tossing the notebook and buying a cheap desktop for a couple hundred bucks. My dad is 82 and only uses AOL, Word and Excel. He doesn't need much horsepower. My concern with a new PC is that it would be Vista, and I do not look forward to having to explain the different screens to him. (as well as purchasing a new version of Office since I have 2003 and I doubt it would work in Vista.)

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!


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I would see if someone you know has an OEM copy of windows that you could try installing with. It may let you use the IBM Windows Xp key, it may not.

If it requires you to use the IBM key, you'll either have to call IBM and get the restore discs from them, or find someone with an OEM XP SP3 cd. SP3 allows for a keyless install, meaning you could get windows installed then when the registration fails do to the disc not being an "IBM" disc, you can call microsoft and have them validate it.
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Sometimes IBM put the install program on the drive - Look for either a directory called I386 or a hidden partition on your wifes pc.

You could also try some cloning software that would backup your wifes PC and restore it to your dads. Since the Hardware is the same it may work, but I would shut off automatic updates.

Another option would be to contact IBM to see if they will send you a restore CD.

Office 2003 works fine on Vista.

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