Keeping files in order when burning a CD/DVD

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Keeping files in order when burning a CD/DVD

My wife is trying to burn a DVD of photos to send to a vendor who is producing a wedding album for her for one of her clients. The vendor has asked that the photos be provided on the DVD in the order that my wife would like them to appear in the wedding album. My wife puts them in order, but when she burns the DVD, they appear out of the order that she put them in before burning them. I'm not sure what order they are in but if I had to guess, I would say it is the date that the file was saved after she edited the file. Is there a way we can maintain the order we want when burning the DVD? Thank you.
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I'm pretty sure you just need to rename them using numbers. Click on each title twice (not too fast tho) and the title name will blink, then just number them 1, 2, etc. in the order you want them. If they have a name you want to keep, just put the number in front of the name and they will automatically be in numerical order. Don't think there's another way.
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The best file "renamer"/organizer that I've found for photos is the one in Irfanview (freeware). You can rename all the files and then automatically copy them to another folder so your original pic files remain untouched and in original order as a BU. It also has a number of options to rename the new copied files. I've used it several times when the normal file renaming process in XP for some reason didn't work, when the files were sorted by date and then renamed by xp (example) "my pics (1)" "my pics (2) and then "sorted by name the files were burned to DVD in the order of "my pics (1)", "my pics (10)", "my pics (100), instead of "my pics (1), my pics (2) etc. Starting the 1st pic file with "my pics (001)" didn't solve the problem, either, but renaming them with Irfanview did, and they were burned to DVD as BU in the correct order.
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Ya, I agree that renaming is the way to do it.

I would suggest that if you manually rename them that you create a new folder and copy the pics you want to rename so your original file structure is kept intact.
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Easier way to change names:
Click on the first file in the folder to highlight it.

Hit the F2 key to activate edit mode. Change the name and press Enter. If all you're doing is adding numbers to the beginning of the filename, hit the Home key to place the cursor to the left. Down arrow highlights the next file. No need to keep grabbing the mouse.

If you have more than 9 files, put a leading zero in the filename: 01. If you have more than 100, put two leading zeros: 001.

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