Windows XP Will Not Boot Up

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Windows XP Will Not Boot Up

I think I have a virus on my computer that is prevent my OS to boot up. I had some pop up screens so I just shut my computer down which leads me to believe that it is a virus. I have used the F8 key and tried to:

1. Boot up using the last good configuration
2. Boot up normally
3. Boot up in Safe Mode

In each instance, the Windows XP screen comes up and then the progress bar starts to run. It is then that a solid light blue screen comes up with writing on it but the screen is visible for only 2 seconds it seems so I canít read anything there. Then my computer goes back to the boot screen and the timer is counting down before it tries to re-boot again.

One last thing, I tried to boot using my Windows XP cd but no luck.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Booting from your xp cd should work. Check your BIOS settings, usually F1 or Del as soon as the computer starts, and be sure the CD drive is bootable. Although, this will not solve a virus issue. There are no utilities on the XP install CD to help you. If you have another computer that works, you can uninstall you hard drive and install your hard drive as a slave drive to perform a drive integrety and virus tests. Or, you need some form of a bootable CD with virus scan, but this will be really hard to get unless you have a computer, with CD burner, on the Internet.

If you do have the Internet and a CD burner. The main site for your reading and information is:

the file you need to download is located at:

if you do not have iso burning software:
download and install this.

After you have installed the IsoBurner select the file you would like to burn (ubcd411.iso) and burn it to a CD.

Now that you have a bootable CD with virus scan available (the defs are old, but you can still run them) Put this CD in your computer that is broken and try to run a virus scan on your hard drive.

If you BIOS settings are correct and there are no other major problems with your computer this will get you a great start to fixing your computer. Keep me posted as to how this works. Good luck.
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Hi Applefritters,

Did you change any Registry value / key?
A wonderful resource in these situations is the Recovery Console --> you can boot your computer using a Restore Point

How to restore the registry when Windows XP won't boot at all

Of course, you can use this solution in other "Windows boot desperated situations"
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I had a similar problem and I was able to get the system to boot from the Windows XP CD by pressing F12 repeatedly as soon as the computer started to turn on, then chose to boot from CD drive. When Windows setup appeared I chose the repair windows option and then enter the command CHKDSK /R (it took a long time, but it worked)
It might work for you. Good luck
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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I tried everything and nothing was working. I went out on a limb and asked the I/S tech person at my job. Turns out she does the same work on her own time. My hard drive had failed and she replaced it and backed up all of my old stuff. For the price she charged me, I got off really easy. But I wanted to thank everyone for helping me out.

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