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Anti Virus Software

Looking for some sound advice. I am currently running Vista on my H.P. desk-top computer. As for Anti-Virus I have PCSecurity Shield/Shield Deluxe. It seems to do a good job. The only problem I have ever noticed is (every once in a while) after my computer has gone into the sleep mode, upon awakening it,, Shield Deluxe sometimes has a problem and it takes a couple minutes for the system to come back. I have also lost my I.P. address a couple times. I have never been able to determine if these problems are Security Shield related, Vista related or H.P. related. My year with Shield Deluxe will be up in a few months and I would like some advice. Trying to decide whether to update to Shield Deluxe 2009 or go some other route. Naturally everyone I talke to has a different opinion. Hopefully you will have some sound advice. Thanks much in advance.
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I used to use AVG until version 8.0 was a resource hog. I then switched to Avast and have been using it happily for a while.
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It seems to do a good job.
How do you know? Do you think it does a good job because you haven't had any virus problems? Although I don't recommend it I have run computers on the Internet with no anti-virus software at all for several months to years at a time and never contracted a virus. And that includes visiting some "questionable" websites.

I spend several hours a day on the Internet and I use several different computers and the worst I have ever been "infected with" is tracking cookies. I DO however, delete questionable E-mails (ones that I have no idea of who sent them) without opening. I do not click on pop-ups and I run a free virus scan weekly along with malware and spybot detection.

Maybe I'm just lucky and my day will come but so far I just don't see the need for anything but the free anti-virus, spybot and malware programs.

BTW, Mitch, it's the daily automatic scan by AVG 8.0 that slows things down. Simply open the user interface and stop the daily scan and everything is back to normal.
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Yep, agreed, i've run AVG for years now and never had a problem. However I do disable the daily scan on all machines that I put it on, because it does slow the machine down a little. Good product otherwise.
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I've run both Avast and AVG, both with out problem. AVG can be a resource piggy, but as others have said disable the daily scan and you should be fine.
Good luck.
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Agree yet again

I've been running AVG 8.0 as well.
I did not disable daily scans, but rather scheduled it to run at 3am when we're asleep.

(That will only work if you leave your PC on overnight.)

My Vista machine is VERY slow on startup/resume.
Quite speedy once it's "Awake" though....
I've read it may be a side effect of SP1 for Vista, but I'm not sold on that theory yet.
(Still Researching...)

Other Advice?


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