Dell MediaDirect and destroyed hard drive

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Angry Dell MediaDirect and destroyed hard drive

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop. I tried the MediaDirect button for the first time yesterday and now my hard drive does not work (it can't be read). MediaDirect is used for viewing dvd, music, etc without starting up the regular OS. I never had any use for it but decided to give it a try -- huge mistake.

Another forum suggested that possibly the partition used for MediaDirect was already corrupted and executing the program then killed the rest of the hard drive. My warranty ran out last month and I am frustrated that my hard drive is destroyed from executing a program (or at least was pushed over the edge from execution).

Has anyone else had problems with MediaDirect or corruption of their Inspiron hard drives? Thanks.
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Perhaps your bootup was directed to that partition which has nothing.

- Check your BIOS settings for booting.
- If there's a boot menu option key shown when you turn on the Laptop, then press that key and perhaps there is an option to boot OS first instead of the Media area.
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You said the drive could not be read.... whats the exact error and when exactly do you see it?

To troubleshoot I would:

- Enter the bios by hitting F2 (for Inspirons I think) when you first turn on the laptop. If its not F2 then it might list what key it is in a corner of the screen for a few seconds.

- Upon entering the bios look for a list of attached drives and see if anything is listed for the primary hard drive. You could also look for boot devices and see if the hard drive shows up. This could be a fast and simple way to see if the drive has simply died by not being listed anywhere.

- If the drive is listed in the bios then I would look for some sort of hard drive test in the menu. If there is one, do a compleate test (if there is an option) and let it run. This could take a hour or so.

- If the drive is detected and seems to be ok with the bios you could always boot off of a Windows CD and run the repair console (chkdsk /R) to check the data on the drive and repair any issues. If this works and you can then boot into Windows you should run "Error Checking" on the C:\ and reboot again. These scans can last for hours depending on the drives size, the drives speed and how much data is on them.

If you need data off of the drive:
I recommend removing the drive from the laptop and plugging it into another laptop or PC as a secondary drive to see if you can access the data and back anything up thats needed. Since the laptop is just over three years old it probably uses a ATA (or PATA) and not SATA connection.

To hook it your drive up to a PC (internally) you can use an inexpencive adapter like [ this one ]

To hook it up to either a laptop or a PC via USB you can get an [ external enclosure ]

Other thoughts....
- Unplug the laptop, remove the battery and let sit for a few minutes
- Remove and re-install the hard drive to re-seat it
- Power the laptop back on and enter the bios again
- Restore the bios to factory settings and reboot
- Maybe is the chassis/motherboard or the controller and not the drive itself thats flaking out

I hope this helps being a month late...

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