Network Attached Storage and Media Extender?


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Network Attached Storage and Media Extender?


I want to see if this makes sense or if anyone has some recommendations to accomplish my goals.

I would like to add a Network Attached Storage device to my network. I would like to use it for various purposes. I would like to provide automated backup for our computers, store pictures, music, videos, etc... and also make the media available to a meida player, like my XBOX 360 to play on the stereo or TV.

I have looked at the NetGear Ready NAS Duo. It seems like a good choice, with lots of features as well as UPnP capability to talk to the XBOX and maybe even the TIVO. It comes with a 500 GB drive, and I would likely add at least another, if not upgrade both to 1 TB drives. I would likely run the drives as a RAID array to protect the media files from a disk failure. It would also allow me to hook our current external USB drive up with the provided USB connections.

Does anyone have any experience or insights? Is it difficult to accomplish? It doesn't look like it, but I want to check before I get too far in.

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I only had experience with one NAS device and it was in the early days of NAS. The client was trying to use it as a server and for mortgage company software. It wasn't working very well as a server because it wasn't NTFS. However, it should be fine for what your purposes. I'm just not sure about NAS and RAID

There is an article about it but it pertainns to Linux. You might want to take a look anyway.

Things we wish we'd known about NAS devices and Linux Raid
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Sounds like this one should do exactly what you want. You will probably want to check more into what size disk you buy as the backup. It looks like it does RAID 1 on it's own, so it might require you to have identical size disks.
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Thanks for the replies. I am likely going to use two 1 TB drives to end up with 1 TB of Storage. I think I will take out the included 500 GB drive and drop it in a portable enclosure.

We'll see how it works out.
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Thumbs up Why NAS?

Do you know that every NAS has a saparate dedicated file system, where your host has to use certain proprietory protocols (provided usually by the NAS provider as client drivers) to communicate with it? Of course it has its advantages such as single point management, but it has no growth potential; I mean, you get "married" to one NAS vendor for life with "no divorce" option!

There is another solution with uniform scalability, vendor-managed RAIDS, host-platform native and many other nice features. It is SAN. Yes, SAN solutions are normally used only in giant corporations, but its concept is clean, and good enough even to run the requirements you listed here. It is indeed complicated to configure and manage than NAS, but hey, is there anything good in the world that comes without hardwork?

Go SAN, its the future.

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