Where to locate the Hub?


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Where to locate the Hub?

I hope to get some help so thanks in advance.
Here is what I'm doing. I'm running cat5 cable to every room in the house. Yes I know we are in the age of wireless, but sometimes hard wired is better per my wife. The question is where do I locate the hub. I hope this is the right term. I'm thinking in the basement, but not sure. Also, possibly in her office, but that would create other issues. What kind of concerns should I have about where to locate the hub and what is a good brand name hub. It needs to be able to handle about 8-10 connections. I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff. I have run cat5 in the past for my wifes office, but that was for a modem and router and also just one room.

Thanks again
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Honestly, it doesn't really matter where you put it. Put it where ever is easiest to run the cables. Now if it's doing wireless too, then it MIGHT make a difference, but probably not too much as long as the house isn't huge.

Brand, doesn't matter too much either. Linksys, netgear, dlink, all pretty good stuff, get what's on sale.

Oh and there is nothing wrong with cabling everything, maybe less convenient for laptops, but by far the best choice for everything else.
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Maximum cable distance for cat 5 is 100 meters, if your run is going to be longer than that, well you have a huge house.

I agree with toofer, wherever is convenient for you is the best place to put it.
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You could just do a couple of rooms wired and the rest as wireless, best of both worlds.
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I am also fond of wired connections over wireless. Maybe I'm old school?

I guess the main question is if you will have an Internet connection for this network. If you will, then you will want to locate your hub (Personally, i'd go with a switch if speed and bandwidth are important) near your Internet connection.

For example, if you have cable Internet, it would probably be easiest to put all your equipment (which will be your Cable Modem, switch or hub, as well as a router or a connection server) near your connection point, i.e. cable. Otherwise you'd have your cable modem in one room, your hub somewhere else etc. You need to have your cable modem beside your cable.

If you have DSL, (which is high speed using phone lines) then you would need to have your DSL modem where there is a phone jack/phone line available.

It is not NECESSARY to have ALL your equipment together, just in my opinon more convenient (and easier to hide the mess of all the cables converging all over the place).

Note: you can buy a router that is both a router and a hub in one. Example: Linksys by Cisco - EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 8-Port Switch

If you need more than 8 connections, you'd probably only be able to find that in a switch (16 port) and can hook the switch up to a smaller 4-port router.

If you have Internet access for your network, you would need a router (it is the device that will divide your one Iinternet account into 8 (or however many) connections, and also provides a firewall).

You can learn about routers, switches and hubs here: What's the difference between a Hub, a Switch and a Router? - Ask Leo!

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