cd/dvd media?

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cd/dvd media?

Just purchased a new hp computer a couple days ago as mine was about 10 years old. Anyways, this was has a cd/dvd burner which I never used before. I see there are a bunch of different kinds of media out there and a bit confusing. I will be using the discs for mostly music and photos and am wondering if you use the discs that are recordable once only -/+R ,can the data still be pulled off of them if you need to load the files from the cd/dvd back onto the computer. Or do you need the RW ones for this. Also, a cd holds 700 mb of info so roughly how many photos is that. Not sure what the avaerage mb is of a standard photo. Thanks for the help.
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I'm sure you will see other answers soon, but here's mine. This is the basics, won't try to get into specifics, since I'm not positive.

Yes the data can be copied off after it has been burned, wouldn't be much good otherwise. It will stay on the disc though, and once the disc has been written to, it can't be over written with other stuff. Some disc's could only be written to 1 time, even if it didn't fill the disc, not sure if thats what you have or not. Others can be written to multiple times until they are full (I THINK!!).

A CD RW can be written to and re-written to multiple times.

A DVD can hold much more data, but they cost more.

As to how many all depends on the file format they are saved in, what the format and quality settings are an your camera, etc.

Our camera will take pics anywhere from way under 100 Kb to several Mb, depending on the setting. The same memory card in the cam can store from under 700 pics or so, to over 8000 pics.

Hope this helps, your PC manual or the installed software should explain the usage of your drive.
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Open your HP help file....
Type in-------burn music
type in..........burn photos
Most of info you require is there.......................
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RW = Rewritable
+R or -R = Write once

THink of rewritable as a floppy disk. You can erase and rewrite the data. +R/-R are write once. Both can be used for back up purposes and read by your computer and files copied off of them.
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In Vista--formatting a cd+/- R or dvd+/-R under LIVE FILE FORMAT allows you
to burn to the disk---remove disk & burn to disk again just like a RW........

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