Video Card issue??


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Video Card issue??

I have a HP desktop running Windows Vista.

Over the last several months, the screen will change to a lower resolution and the icons get huge.

When it initially started, I would go into the control panel and change the display back to a higher resolution and everything would go back to normal.

Now when it happens, I have to restart my computer and then everything resets.

Anyone seen this before. Done research on the net with no leads. Haven't seen any hot fixes for the issue.

Should I be concern that the video card is going bad or is it just a software glich.

Right now it is not to big a deal but what is interesting sometimes it won't do it for a couple of weeks and then it will start happening a couple times of day. Seems like if I shut the system down for awhile it is not as prevalent.

Thanks in advance for advice/input.
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vid card

getting heated up, may not be compate w/ your sys. u didnt mention wat u had. driver updates maybe required.
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Probably not the cause but does the card have a fan? Is it running. Is the card encrusted with dust.
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Pay close attention to the application you are using just prior to this "Anomoly".....Some programs have their own "Internal resolution" settings, (Video games and Media players in particular)that take precedence and when returning to windows, your "personal preferences " are not reloaded until restart......

I would aim purely at software, since if this were a vid card issue, there would be other, more serious things going on......
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Display issue

The vidieo card is NVIDIA Geforce 7350LE.

It usually happens when after exiting internet explorer but not sure if that is the only time it has happened.

Also not sure if the Video card has it's own fan or not. Obviously the computer itself does.
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A friend just called me today with the same issue. His IE 8 w/Vista was extremely zoomed as if he was using the seeing-impaired settings.

We've traced it so far to the IE8 update that MS did last week, but we ran out of time.

I have grown to despise Vista.
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Yeah, that is exactly what happens. Blows up like you could read from across the street.

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